Busy Days


I’m sorry for being missing in action this week.  It has been a busy week, with finishing up schoolwork (last day for us today!) and getting ready for our graduation celebration coming up this weekend.  I’ve been planning and putting together decorations for the dinner to honor Ryan’s college and Tommy’s high school graduations.  I’ll post more of this next week after the fact.


I’ve also been spending some time learning my new laptop computer(!!!) that Jeff and the kids gave me for Mother’s Day. All of my big kids chipped in with Jeff to buy it for me!  Since I started back blogging, I was getting a bit frustrated (i.e. tears of despair) with my old computer, so the surprise was a really great one!  I’ve been busy getting acquainted with my new girl and transferring photos and documents over from the old one.


I’m planning a post upcoming about our great time at the homeschool bookfair last weekend. Saturday evening we were able to hear the Duggars speak and give their testimony, which was really great!  Here’s a sneak peak of the girls meeting one of their Duggar favorites, Joy Anna ~


I’ll be posting about the books I brought home this year, too, but here is a picture of my favorite purchase – this beautiful homeschool planning book – I can’t wait to start using it!


The inside pages are so lovely! ~


I’ll work on getting these posts up next week.  Until then, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I hope that you will all have a lovely day and find some time to relax and enjoy your day with your families. Motherhood is a blessing from the Lord and a wonderful workshop for the lessons that He has to teach us. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be Mom to my nine sweet babies – from the 30 year old down to the 9 year old! And thankful also for the opportunity to be a mother-in-law now to our sweet Jessica.

I am thankful for my mother-in-law, who raised her son to be the man that I love and am spending my life with. We remember you today and miss you!

I am very thankful for my own dear mother, who has blessed my life with love and care for so many years. She has given me wonderful childhood memories that I cherish and has been there to love and support me throughout my adult life as well. I love you, Mom!

Have a beautiful day!


Garden Plantings


Storms are rolling through our area tonight, but I am thankful for the rain to water all of our little seeds planted in the gardens. I planted the seeds on Sunday, and thanks to the rains we’ve had the last few days, a few little plants are starting to peek through the soil already! I spotted some little radish and cucumber plants earlier this evening!

Here is a picture of our patio garden right after planting. Last month we planted the tomato and pepper plants, so they are already well established. Joining these plants (once they come up) are cucumbers, which will grow up the trellises, bush green beans, and radishes –


There are already little tomatoes and peppers growing on some of the plants!



Across the sidewalk from the patio garden is our herb garden. Already growing in this garden are Rosemary, Basil, and Lavender. In recent years the Rosemary that I planted some years back had grown into a giant bush, taking over most of the garden. Jeff cut it back quite a bit this spring, which gave us room to add some new plants. I planted some Oregano, Lemon Thyme, and Cilantro around the edges of the garden. Maimie was my garden helper for this section – she kept me company and was very curious about what I was up to –



The big garden out in the yard is now planted with seeds, too, joining the onions that have been living out there since February. The square raised beds contain yellow squash, zucchini, onions, and okra. Some not so friendly fire ants have moved in and built a mansion in one of the boxes, so I planted the other half of the box with okra, and will figure out how to evict the residents as soon as possible. The long rectangular bed is completely planted with sugar snap peas –


Here’s a picture of the peas before I covered them with soil. Not very straight lines, but I probably mind more than they do, and they will grow just as well if nobody tells them!


The onions are doing rather nicely in their little bed –


All around the edges of the big garden are little hills – about four per side. In these hills are planted watermelons, pie pumpkins, jack-be-little pumpkins, and orange and white large pumpkins – each to its own side. It will look so pretty when the vines are grown and are trailing around the inside of the fence this summer –


Speaking of the fence, I love my old rustic garden fence! Although someday I’d love to have a permanent, more stable fence around this garden, I do love the look of this one – and it helps to keep the chickens out of the garden –


While I was planting the big garden, David decided to plant a little pumpkin patch of his own. He used a small area of soil by the rose garden for his garden. He dug out four holes, filled them with garden soil, and planted jack-o-lantern pumpkins. He then filled up the watering can and gave them all a good soak. I was proud of my little gardener! Here is his plot –


Our forecast is for showers into the early part of next week, which should really help get the gardens off to a good start. I’ll probably be outside checking on my little seeds every day, eagerly anticipating all the little green shoots coming up out of the soil.


Are you planting a garden this year? I’d love to hear what you’ve got coming up too!


The Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ May 4, 2015


Here is my Daybook entry for today ~

Outside my window. . . a lush green landscape has taken over the world, dotted here and there with pops of color from flowers blooming around the yard.
I am thinking. . .that my role as a parent is not to change my children’s hearts – only the Lord can do that – but, to speak truth to them and hold them accountable for the decisions they make.
I am thankful. . .for the sunny days that we’ve had this past week after so much prior rain.
In my kitchen. . .omelettes and chocolate chip muffins for dinner tonight.
I am wearing. . .navy and white striped shirt, denim capris, and pretty spring Jamberry nails.
I am creating. . .a nautical/beachy small quilt – all pieced and layered – ready to be basted and quilted.
I am reading. . .my Bible.
I am hoping. . .that the chickens will stay out of my newly planted gardens and that my seeds will be very productive this year.
I am wondering. . .what fun and exciting new books, games, and curriculum I will find at this weekend’s Homeschool Bookfair.
In the homeschool room. . .lessons winding down as we only have two more weeks in our school year. We’re finishing up our books and working on getting Tommy graduated!
Around the house. . .kitties in windows, dishes waiting to be rinsed and loaded, children chatting, laundry running, dining table overloaded with lots of stuff.
In my garden. . .I finally got seeds planted yesterday, although the tomato, onion and pepper plants have been in the ground a little while now. I also planted some new herbs in the herb garden – more to come soon on this year’s plantings.
A favorite quote for today. . .“Your spriritual weakness, inability, and immaturity are not things to be afraid of. Your delusions of spriritual strength are a much greater danger.” – Paul David Tripp
One of my favorite things. . .my new blue and white spattered enamelware bowl I found at an antique mall last week. It will be so pretty holding a nice green salad I’m thinking.
A picture thought for today. . .

Thanks to Peggy at The Simple Woman’s Daybook for this wonderful meme. Visit Peggy to find the list of participants in The Simple Woman’s Daybook.

My Family Page is Updated!! (Finally)


I’ve been tweaking and testing things around the blog this week, trying to reaquaint myself with things, and am feeling a bit more comfortable on the whole.  One area that has been so woefully neglected over the past few years is my Family page.  My children have chided me on numerous occasions about how outdated it was and pleaded with me to please do something about it.  “Mommmm!  It still says I’m 14 years old!!!” (spoken by the current 17 year old).  “Mommmm!  You neeeed to add Jessica to the family page soon!!” (spoken by her youngest sister-in-law and flower girl).  “Mommmm!  I gave up ice skating two years ago! (spoken by the soon-to-be high school graduate).

In my own defense, I haven’t written a blog post in a year (until this week), and so I certainly wasn’t thinking about being up to date on everyone’s statuses.  But – I am now proud to announce – that I have finally taken the time, tackled the challenge, and typed in the updated information for all of these sweet little baby chicks in my coop.  You can hop over and take a look, if you’re interested, by clicking on the “My Family” tab at the top of this page.

I’m sure that my children will all sleep easier tonight once they know that they are finally current and all is well with the world.



Dusting Off the Blog


Hello!  I have been gone for quite awhile now, haven’t I?  I’d like to say that I’ve been off touring the world or rescuing kitties from the infamous cat jugglers, but, I’ve just been here, busy with my little nest, watching children grow, living day to day.  A bit of water has gone under the bridge – the Lord has had me in His classroom, with precious lessons to teach, some through beautiful moments and others through difficult ones – all of infinite value.

In dusting off my blog, I am also dusting off my computer, which has been sitting idly by while my attentions went away to my IPad, and then to my IPhone, when the IPad grew too old and slow.  It sure is nice to be looking at a bigger screen again!  Unfortunately, I am having to relearn my computer and my blog dashboard (which is always seeming to be in a state of flux!), and I am sorry to say that there have been challenges, folks, some that have already brought me to the brink of tears as I wrestle with techy things I know not about. (Don’t worry too much about me, though – at my age, something brings me to the brink of tears almost daily!)

I will be calling in the tech squad (aka my older kids) for help, and together, we will hopefully get past said challenges and my computer and I will become fast friends again.  I apologize for any weird looking glitches that might occur while I tinker around and reacquaint myself with this lovely technology!

Looking forward to catching up with you!





Quilty Fun


Here’s a little peek at some of the quilt projects I’ve been working on lately. I always have a number of them going at the same time, and work on the one I have time for or are in the mood to work on.

This is my Tree of Life quilt ~


I participated in a half square triangle exchange at a local quilt shop a few years ago and this is what I decided to make from all of the half square triangles I received. The pattern is in this book by Edyta Sitar ~


While all of the half square triangles were sewn on a machine, I am hand piecing it all together. I still need to applique some vines and leaves along the two sides, and then it will be ready to quilt and bind.

Another quilt I have been working on is this Jelly Roll Race Farm quilt ~


I saw this quilt finished at the quilt shop and loved the farm fabrics in it, called “Coming Home” by Deb Strain.


The Jelly Roll Race quilt is very simple to make and would have been done by now if I had the time to sit and work at my sewing machine for longer periods of time. I’ll keep you posted on this one as I hope to finish it soon.

I am also working on this wall hanging, usually while I’m waiting for Anna at cheerleading practice ~


The pattern is called “Live Simply” by buttermilk basin. I am at the point of sewing around all of the applique pieces, and it is small, so it’s easy to take along with me.

And finally, I mentioned in my Daybook this week that I have just joined a new Block of the Month program that will result in a “primitive houses” quilt when finished. I sewed the first block yesterday. Here it is ~


This quilt is called “My Neighborhood” by Beverly Ingram, and it has the cutest rail fence border around it. I’ll keep you posted each month on my progress, but at one block a month, it won’t be finished until next year.

I hope your evening has gone well. Only three more nights to enjoy the Winter Olympics – it sure has gone by fast!

See you soon!



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