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Reformation Celebration

We are all resting up today from last night’s Reformation Celebration at church. It was a wonderful evening filled with food, fun, and encouragement in our faith. Everyone was dressed in medieval costumes and it was a splendorous sight! (I don’t think splendorous is a word, but it seems to really fit!) There was an abundance of food, mostly German type dishes, tables decorated with a harvest theme and candlelight to eat by. During dinner, a play was presented which depicted some of our ancestors in the faith and how God greatly used them, even though they were only one person, to make an impact for Christ in the world. It was very encouraging to me, as I sometimes (many times?) get discouraged by the ugliness in the world. The world today is so bent on calling evil good and good evil – but then, there is reassurance in knowing that God said it would be this way – which is a further reminder that he IS in control and is working out HIS plan. I was further reminded that writing my congressman CAN be useful!

Following the play, the kids were all set loose to attend the 15 or so booths set up all around the church. At each booth, they heard some aspect of the life of Martin Luther, played a game or made a craft which related to the story, and received candy and treats. I was manning (or womaning) the stain glass window booth. We made “stain glass windows” to represent the Castle Church in Wittenberg. We stuck colored tissue paper squares between two sheets of Contact paper, which resulted in quite a beautiful creation. I enjoyed seeing how each child had different ways of creating their “masterpiece”. Laura (13) was in charge of the Museum booth, which displayed artwork from the Reformation period. The children colored in a coloring sheet of a painting from that period in history. They then received a pencil and a small paint set as a prize.

After the booths ended, there was a costume contest and a concluding hymn – of course, Martin Luther’s “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”, which was very powerful, and moving. I could almost see Satan and his crew shrinking back when we all sang about his ultimate demise.

For those of you unfamiliar with it (which included me before this past week), Reformation Day is the celebration of the beginning of the Reformation of the church in the 1500’s, which began when Martin Luther nailed his “95 theses” to the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church. The church in that day had become quite corrupt in the upper levels, and the priest would sell what they called “indulgences” to the people. These were slips of paper signed by the priest (or popes?) that gave forgiveness of sins. So, the people would buy them and then they believed that they had God’s favor as a result. It was another example of men believing that they could work for or buy their salvation from God. Martin Luther’s study of the Bible showed him that salvation was by faith in Christ alone, not by any works of our own. The words of Romans 1:17 rang in his head – “The just shall live by faith.” When he posted his objections to the practices and beliefs of the church, it started a flame which God used to change (reform) the church back to it’s Scriptural foundation.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening, enjoyed by everyone.



4 Responses

  1. I’m so encouraged to read about your reformation celebration. My friend and I are getting ready to do a mini-reformation celebration at my house this afternoon. It is our first attempt. I am hoping that my daughters – 5 and 7 – will enjoy this time with friends and realize the importance of how God used Martin Luther to change and church and the world.

  2. Here’s a funny adjunct to your Reformation Day. I belong to a Lutheran chorale which rehearses every Monday evening. Last Monday, before we actually started warming up, one man said he had been to such a service at his own church the previous day. Then he told of a robed person who wandered up and down the aisles trying to sell indulgences! I’m a Catholic, and I shouted out, “Did you buy any?” Everyone laughed as he said, “No,” and then someone else yelled, “Well you should have and then you could have sold them back to us.”

    Thanks for sharing your gracious Sunday. I’m new to your blog and thought at first that you were probably Mormon, as not even Catholics nowadays have nine children. They will richly bless you in your latter days.

  3. Mary – I hope your Reformation celebration went well! It was a true learning experience for me, as this was my first one. If you have time, I’d love to hear what all you did!

  4. G-Ma – How funny! And thanks for the encouragement! No, we’re not Mormon although we get asked that from time to time – we just love the Lord and consider our children to be gifts from Him. Each and every one of them is special and unique and we are always excited when God chooses to bless us with another to join our family! I look forward to my “latter days” when I have MANY little grandchildren running around my house! Thank you for your kind words!

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