Thankful Thought #5 – Jeff

I am thankful for my sweet dh – Jeff! Today I am especially thankful for him because it’s his birthday, and my thoughts naturally turn to thanking the Lord for His wonderful gift to ME of my husband.

Jeff is the love of my life! We were high school sweethearts and soulmates. He has always been calm and laid back about life – a definite Type B – as opposed to my Type A personality. He soothes my ruffled feathers and can often be heard replying to my “what ifs” with a resounding “so what?” This is one of the things that I have always admired most about him.

Jeff is a hard worker and a good provider for his family. He daily sacrifices his own wants and needs for the wants and needs of all of us. And he does so without complaining, which is definitely something I wish would rub off on me!

Jeff became a Christian in the early years of our marriage and has continued to grow in the Lord from that time. He has much God-given wisdom and a bold heart for evangelism, which is another thing that I greatly admire in him.

My sweet dh has always loved surprising me with flowers or some small gift when I least expect it! On our 8 month dating anniversary (back in high school), I came home to find that he had delivered a red rose to my house. One year (back in the 80’s), he worked all summer refinishing an antique hope chest he had bought for me as a surprise and then squeezed it into his old gold Gran Torino and drove it to me from Colorado (where he spent summer college breaks with his parents). He has been known to whisk me away on surprise dates and bring home flowers just out of the blue (like the other night)!

I am thankful for a husband who is a good father to his children. He loves each of them dearly with all of his heart, and wants more than anything for them to grow up and follow the Lord!

Does he sound too good to be true? 😉 Well, of course, he’s not perfect – are any of us? But, he’s perfect for me and for our family! He is my best friend and the keeper of my heart. He is a good man and a loving husband and father and so, I am thankful for him!

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!



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