A crisis averted and a job well done!

Our back doorknob has needed fixing for a little while now.  At first it was just a bit sticky, but recently it decided to stop working altogether.  Jeff was able to get it open by prying it with a screwdriver, but the rest of us were not so skilled.  To his credit, he has been trying various fixes all along, but finally decided it was time to replace the cranky old thing!

Fast forward to tonight.  Dh was working diligently on replacing the errant knob, while the rest of us were digging into the 15 or so Christmas boxes we had just brought down from the attic.  Sarah had asked a few times if anyone had seen her kitten, Macey. 
The next thing I knew, she was all out sobbing and panic stricken!  She had searched the whole house and could not find Macey anywhere.

One thing you need to understand about Macey is that lately she has become an escape artist extraordinaire.  Macey is an indoor kitty, and every time the door opens, she is right there trying to run out.  (She’s made it a few times, too!)  Knowing that her dad was working on the door, Sarah just knew that Macey had run out and away!

Sarah is a true girl in the emotional sense, and has always felt things very deeply – so for her, this was truly heartbreaking!  We called for an all out search, and everyone started scouring the house, inside and out (everyone that is except Sarah, who had already searched the house, and was still emotionally incapacitated).

 After not too many minutes, the elusive kitty was found, sound asleep under a bed! (no doubt, she was hiding there to escape the insanity of the living room with all of those boxes!)  Sarah was relieved, and now crying tears of joy.

Meanwhile, Jeff was finishing up the doorknob project.  He announced that he was done, wearing a smile of victory, having finally beaten his foe.  Everyone  came running and we all took turns excitedly opening and closing the door!  Lest you think we’re all looney, you must realize that it’s hard not having a back door in a house with 9 people, 3 dogs, and an always full trashcan!

Well, all’s well that ends well – in this situation anyway!  Another crisis averted and a job quite well done!  I wonder how many times I’ll head to the front door, forgetting that it’s been fixed.




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  1. “Sarah is a true girl in the emotional sense, and has always felt things very deeply”

    I have a Sarah like this too! Mine is 10. She is also an ardent protector of felines.

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