Did you notice?…

Did you notice that there were pictures on my pumpkin posts?  These were taken by yours truly with my new camera – you know, the one that I decided was a must have after I started this blogging thing. 

Jeff came home with this one for me, after researching and scouring the sales to find the best camera at the best price (he’s good at that)!  He even managed to find it before the big sales last Friday!  I have been playing with it ever since. 

I would have included pictures in my last novel-length post except for:

1. I forgot to bring the camera to the Dickens Festival.  Actually, I remembered just after we left, but we didn’t think it was worth upsetting the baby again to go in, retrieve it, and leave again – priorities, you know!  I do wish I had remembered earlier, though, as the pictures I could have gotten would have been beautiful!  Well, maybe next year.

2.  I don’t think it would have been too exciting for you seeing pictures of the wait in the Kohl’s line.

3. Can’t really take pictures in the movie theater!

4. There’s no way I would have shown you the pictures of my house in the midst of “The Big Move”!!!!! – just title it “where’s the front door – let me out of here!!!!”

5. That post was already way too long as it was – if I had added pictures, IT would have stretched all the way to Terra Haute!

Anyway, from now on you can look forward to a little more photography mixed into the text!  I’m working on the new Christmas header for the top of the site, so check back soon and see what I come up with!

Here’s a shot to enjoy in the meantime -this falls in the “awwwwwww….” category!




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  1. Love those baby blues. And that smile oh so cute.

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