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My new Bible

I have a new Bible. I told Jeff that I didn’t want it for Christmas because I needed it now!

You see, I have been having a hard time consistently spending time in God’s Word – there is always someone or something else clamoring for attention. It seems that there are so many more things to do than hours to do them in. I’m sure that many of these “things” are on my list and not God’s. Some of my priorities are truly God-given (my family, for example). But many things I think are priorities simply aren’t. Funny thing is I don’t realize it in the thick of the day. THIS is why I need to be in God’s Word…daily…hourly! I need to be constantly reminded what my true priorities are. I need to sit at His feet and listen to Him and learn from Him, as Mary did.

Part of my problem has been not wanting to just pick up my Bible and read aimlessly, anywhere. I do pretty well when I have a Bible Study to work on, but this doesn’t always get me in the Bible on a daily basis.

I have had a growing desire to read – really read – through God’s word. I have never read through the whole Bible systematically and have been thinking lately that I would like to do so.
I had even mentioned to Jeff a week or so ago that I thought I would like to have a One Year Bible for women. (In case you haven’t heard of these, they divide the Bible into 365 daily readings, so that you can read it all the way through in a year.)

On my way to town the other day, I decided that I did not want to wait any longer to get started reading – partly because I’m excited about it, but more importantly because I really need to, for the above mentioned reasons! Well, I just happened (?) to be on my way to the Christian bookstore to do some Christmas shopping, so God’s timing was perfect.

At the store, I found a One Year Bible especially for women – all pink and pretty. This version has me reading daily in the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. If I had started on Jan. 1st, I would have started with Genesis and Matthew, but since I’m reading the December selections, I am reading Hosea and the Johns (I, II, III). I have enjoyed this format, as Hosea is so sad and it’s been nice to have something else to follow it up with. I am wondering, however, if I will have trouble with continuity as I go along. If so, I will just read one of the sections each day and take longer than a year to get through it – which is fine – it’s just SO good to be reading each day and I look forward with great excitement to the lessons the Lord has to teach me in the year ahead.

“It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ ” – Matthew 4:4


One Response

  1. Getting a new Bible is always so much fun. My last new Bible was the Mom’s Devotional Bible. It’s purple and pretty (my first pretty Bible) I got it 8 years ago, probably the longest I’ve gone without getting a new one. Hmmmmmmmm
    Have fun breaking it in.

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