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Mommy’s Arms are Best. . .

. . .that’s what David has been saying the last several days. He has been ill and rather cranky. What he wants most of all is to be held by Mommy. In fact, he is sleeping in my arms right now as I type this. Now, typing with one hand is not fun and is rather laborious, but I hadn’t posted in so long, I decided to plow on ahead. At least now you know what’s been keeping me busy lately!

In other news, Jeff is on the search for a new car. His engine died on Monday, leaving us with only the van, and Ryan’s car (when he’s not using it!) Since hubby drives almost an hour to work each day, he really needs his own. He has worked from home the last couple of days, but can’t do so indefinitely. Stay tuned for updates on the great Honda hunt!

Today is an overcast, bleary kind of day here; but, since I have nowhere to go, it’s actually quite a cozy kind of day, as well. I have a small 2 ft. alpine tree on my bedroom dresser with little white lights and homespun fabric strips entwined in the branches. It is adding to my cozy feel. A roast is cooking in the crockpot for dinner, creating a delicious aroma in the house. This is such an easy roast to make. I simply put a raw chuck roast in the crockpot, sprinkle it with dry onion soup mix (1 pkt for small roast – 2 pkts for large roast), and spread 2-3 cans of cream of mushroom soup all over it. I put on the lid, set it on high, and sit back and let it cook. I sometimes turn it down to low in the late afternoon, if it seems to be cooking too fast. This roast just falls apart when I take it out, and is so delicious!

I will be cutting up some potatoes and roasting them in the oven to go with it. Then I will just add a green salad, maybe some rolls if I get around to it (probably not!- remember that baby that wants to be held), and I’m done. I may have one of the girls stick some refrigerated cookie dough in the oven when the potatoes come out for dessert.

Last night we made Cashew Chicken using the recipe from Cindy at An Army for the Lord, and it was really wonderful! It tasted just like the restaurant version that we’ve always loved. If you’re a chinese food fan, you might want to check it out! We served it with white rice, egg rolls, and fortune cookies (always fun for a laugh!)

In case you’re wondering if I’ve been typing ALL of this with one hand, I haven’t. Little guy woke up during the roast recipe and is now running around happily. Ryan just arrived home from work and is doing chores. Laura is writing on her computer while watching “I Love Lucy” (we got the entire series boxed set for Christmas, and she especially is enjoying watching them!). Tommy is playing a Mario Olympics game on the Wii in the living room. Sarah is baking brownies in the kitchen (she was a step ahead of me – I didn’t even have to ask someone to make dessert!). Michael is playing on a Scooby-Doo site on the family computer. Anna is putting macaroni in a cup of water to freeze (the kids have been doing freezing experiments for the last day or so – appropriate for January anyway – I think we have about 10 containers in there now with frozen water, Cheerios and a rubber glove, which will hopefully present us with a frozen hand!). Matthew is at work and Jeff is out looking at another car! Just thought I’d give a roll call.

About time to start cutting up those potatoes. . . if David lets me. Have a wonderful evening!



2 Responses

  1. I have a knowing mommy smile right now. I have typed many emails and posts one handed with baby in the other hand, sometime nursing even. I enjoy the challenge (not totally but I like to think I do. lol) Hope your little one feels better. So funny but pot roast is on the menu for tomorrow (Thurs) night – I was even thinking the same one. Great minds think alike, right? I love the freezing experiments, I think I will have to do that with my kiddos. Blessings!

  2. Mommy Reg,
    Thankfully, David is feeling MUCH better this week – like a whole different person! I hope your roast was delicious! Ours turned out good, but it took longer to cook than I expected and we ended up eating around 9 pm! Blessings!

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