Random thoughts. . .

A few questions that have baffled me – some for a very long time. . .

1.  Why is it that the minute you start looking for an item, it disappears into oblivion, even though it’s the same item you’ve been tripping over for the last week?

 2.  Why do I have trouble remembering if I already put conditioner on my hair or not in the shower?  (This one scares me a little bit!)

3.  Where do all of the hair bands go that I purchase for my girls?

4.  Why do toddlers think that everything belongs on the floor?

5.  What causes items that I want to stay put to be moved around instantly (this may be related to the previous question) and items that I want picked up off the floor (you know, all those little things around the edges, although sometimes it’s staring at me right from the middle of the room!) seem to stay put as though adhered with super glue?

6.  Where are the new pencils that I just handed out to everyone yesterday?

7.  Or for that matter, where are all of the crayons that I bought at the beginning of the school year?

8.  Why is it so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose it?

9.  Where is Matthew’s Algebra book?

10.  Why do I forget to give my coupons to the cashier at the store?

11.  Why are Band-Aids so fascinating?

12.  When will I see the bottom of my laundry sorter again?

Just wondering. . .




3 Responses

  1. Ha, ha, ha… These are probably every mommy’s thoughts at some point, or many points… If you find out the answers to any of these questions send them my way. =^D

  2. 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, & 12 Totally agreed 🙂 I suppose the others don’t hit me as hard since all mine are teenagers and we’re not homeschooling anymore.

    I sure miss those days, but at least I have Pam’s babies to play with! 😉

  3. Disappearing hairbands and pencils- I can totally relate! And that math book- Sometimes I wonder if they deliberatly “lose” it!

    You have a lovely blog. Blessings,

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