I am a Christian, homeschooling, wife & mother of 9. I enjoy nature, quilting, reading, and making memories with my family.
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Life This Week

This has been a rather calm week, as far as activities go for our family. We had a normal school week, and were even finally able to get history back in the schedule. I have been trying to do so since Christmas! We are using a history curriculum called “The Mystery of “History”, which I really like, as it is Christ-centered, with short lessons (which suits my Charlotte Mason tastes), maps, timelines, and fun activities that help us all remember so much more! It has 3 levels of activities, so we can all do history together.

Jeff worked from home on Tuesday and was able to get a part changed on the van that kept making the “Check Engine” light stay on. It was the last of many fixes that were supposed to fix it, but it seems to be working, as the light is now off and has stayed that way for 2 days! This is good, because it just so happens that the van was due for inspection, and it has now passed with flying colors. At 120,000ish miles, it is still going strong – and we hope it continues to for a long time!

Laura and I had a wonderful night at Ladies Bible Study last night. The girls have their own study going on at the same time as the ladies. We (the ladies) are beginning a study of Romans and it was good to dig deeply and discuss a few of the early treasures that are in this book. The girls discuss different topics each week pertaining to walking with the Lord in their everyday lives as young ladies.

When we got home, Robert (our oldest) was here. He was bringing some software to Matthew for his new – completed! – computer that he has been building. It is up and running, and Matthew is grinning from ear to ear! It was so good to see Robert, as I hadn’t seen him in awhile. I am so bad about letting time go by and not talking to him enough! I get wrapped up in day to day life and before I know it, weeks have gone by.

I have been making a list of Valentine’s projects to do with the kids between now and next Thursday. They include:

-Fabric stuffed hearts
-Valentine garlands (paperdoll style)
-Heart shaped sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles
-Heart shaped pretzels
-Valentines (of course)
-Homemade Valentine chocolates

I’ve been getting the mean Mom award around here lately because I won’t let the children open and work on their valentines. In my 22 years of experience as a mother, I have found that if they make them too early – they lose them. Then Valentine’s Day comes and many are missing in action. This year I’ve decided that history is not going to repeat itself and I won’t let them work on them yet. Maybe the solution would better be to not buy them until the last minute – maybe I’ll try that next year – doing it this way just opens me up to constant badgering – “Can we do our Valentines now?” (I know it sounds sweet, but try hearing it non-stop for weeks!) So, for now, my mean Mom status stands – at least for a few more days.

The weekend is shaping up to be a fun, but busy one with basketball, cheerleading, a Valentine’s party and Stamp Club for me on Sunday – more about that later.


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  1. I had valentines saved from last year & I made the mistake of pulling them out yesterday. Kids drove me nuts & like you if they are done to early they got lost.

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