My birdhouse situation is sad. We used to have 4 or 5 birdhouses around that were usually very busy, but one by one, they have broken and gone away. We are now down to 2, which really is only 1, because as I was examining one yesterday, I determined that it was beyond repair. And really the 1 that remains is not very functional (which is probably why it is still around) – the plastic side panels are always sliding down so that no food can come out to keep the tray filled.

My kitchen window looks out on a row of Crepe Myrtle trees, which is where I love to watch the birds while at the sink. This is where the robin family (of about 50!) has been visiting every afternoon while I am cooking dinner. I don’t know where they go during the day, but every afternoon, they arrive outside my window like clockwork. It has been so much fun to watch them, as they hop around the ground looking for dinner.

I am starting to see many other birds out and about, as the weather begins to warm up, and heads toward spring. This has made me want to get my birdfeeders back up and going. I know, I know. . .most people would have wanted them up during the winter to help feed the birds throughout the cold months – but really, it doesn’t get very cold here and we haven’t had one drop of snow all winter (boo hoo!), so the birds have been fine here.

All of this to say that I may make a trip to Wal-Mart today and see what they have in stock. I would like to hang several in the Crepe Myrtles and maybe one on the kitchen window. When it gets warm enough daily to be porch weather, I will probably put some out in the yard, where I can watch them from the porch.

I may hang a chart close to the kitchen window, so that we can record the different birds we see, and place our bird book in close reach, to look up those we are unfamiliar with. I need to sort through our “about birds” books to find some to read to Michael (and anyone else who wants to listen!), as he is working on a badge for Keepers Club on birds.

I’ll post some pictures of what I come up with, but for now, I’m off to start school and begin this day.



2 Responses

  1. When we moved, we had to get rid of the only birdhouse that we had room for at the other place because it fell apart literally when we took it down to bring it here to our new place. Here we have so many places for bird houses. Last night I was looking out my kitchen window and thought to myself that it was time to get some new bird houses. This is so funny you thought the same too.

  2. I sometimes wonder who I’m hanging the bird feeders for – the birds or me! I get so excited watching the different types of birds come to the feeders. And spring is such a good time to observe them – they are so busy building nests and all, and they sound so happy on those bright sunny mornings, it just helps get me going, too!

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