Birdfeeders tour

Well, I did make it to Wal-mart and found several bird feeders to hang in the yard. I thought I’d take you on a tour of them, so here goes:

This one is the smallest and is hanging on a Crepe Myrtle outside the kitchen window.

This larger one is on a different Crepe Myrtle outside the kitchen window. It has cages on the sides to hold suet and is my favorite because it is shaped like a barn.

This one is a squirrel proof feeder. It is on a spring and when something heavier than a bird perches on it, it slides down and the holes close up. I like the metal leaves on this one. It is located in the front yard, so I will watch this one from the front porch.

This is our old squirrel feeder. It is really fun to watch a squirrel open it up and eat out of it. It is also in the front yard. It hasn’t been filled in so long, it may take the squirrels awhile to realize that it’s open for business again!

So far, we have seen birds coming to the feeders outside the kitchen window, mostly in the mornings. There is a cardinal family that we’ve seen alot – Dad, Mom and babies – as well as some chickadees. Laura saw a robin this morning also. I haven’t noticed any birds on the metal feeder yet, but I have to look out front for that one, so I may have missed them. I also haven’t seen a squirrel on their feeder yet, but there was evidence that something has visited there.

We are keeping a list of the birds we see and hope to see a good variety once the word gets out that there are fresh feeders out!



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  1. I love the feeders! We sadly have a week or so of rain so I will not be doing any fun outdoor stuff. I can be patient really I can. 😉

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