Field Trip Friday (and other fun stuff)

Jeff is home from work today – we are all going on a field trip to a Dinosaur Exhibit. These are robotic dinosaurs and should be quite fun and interesting. I will post pictures later on.

Tonight is our weekly late night crew cookout – we will be grilling chicken. Usually we don’t end up eating until around 11, as we don’t start cooking until the younger kids go to bed. The littles and middles will have frozen pizza for dinner. It is Dad’s movie night, so he gets to pick the movie for late night – many times that means an old war movie (he loves to threaten us with the marathon “Midway” movie!)

In honor of George Washington’s birthday today, I plan to make cherry pies. This won’t be anything complicated – just refrigerated pie crusts and canned cherry pie filling.

I’m hoping to have some time later today to do a little quilting. I’m working on a a quilt called “Be Attitudes” by Nancy Halvorsen. I signed up for the Block of the Month program at a local quilt store. On the first of each month, they give me all of the fabrics I need to make each month’s block. I’m trying to get each block done that month – it helps to have the deadline for myself, and a month is ample time to get it done, so it’s fun and not stressful. I’ll post a picture soon.



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