Our Dinosaur Outing

We had a fun field trip yesterday visiting a robotic dinosaur exhibit. It was set up outdoors at our local natural science museum. It proved to be a wonderful outing – the weather was crisp, but sunny, the dinosaurs were fun and interesting, and we had the whole trail to ourselves since we arrived around 3 pm when all of the school groups had left.

First we toured the indoor portion of the museum, full of great hands-on educational fun, including live snakes (that part wasn’t hands-on!), real dinosaur skulls and bones, and a literal trip inside the body of a Kronosaurus. We could have spent much more time in this portion, but decided to move on to the outside exhibit, and save some indoor fun for the next visit.

The robotic dinosaurs were set up along a walking trail which led us through a wooded area. They were spread out all along the path. All of the dinosaurs moved in some way (including their eyes – creepy!), and made noises. Anna covered her ears every time one made a noise, although they weren’t really loud – she felt safer that way, I think – I kept reminding her that they weren’t really alive, but she wasn’t too sure! (She didn’t really act scared – covering her ears seemed to make everything okay.)

Here are some of the pictures of our visit –

This was the first stop on the tour – notice Anna’s covered ears.

Laura with her favorite dinosaur – she was really into dinosaurs a while back and read everything she could find about them for months.

There was a small log cabin along the trail. We examined the log construction and talked about chinking – this was very interesting to Tommy and Sarah, as they are reading Farmer Boy and Little House on the Prairie in school right now.

Michael and a blue stegosaurus.

Sarah and a baby brontosaurus – the “mama bronto” was across the sidewalk from them.

This brachiosaurus was tall enough to eat from the treetops!

This guy looked like a small T-Rex, and seemed quite ferocious!

And here is the giant T-Rex! He was very impressive – notice his size compared to the kids!

The last one actually spit water out of it’s mouth, which, of course, the kids thought was really cool!

No, this one is not a dinosaur, but he has been known to roar from time to time…

It was a great field trip, enjoyed by all. We want to go back when things are green and blooming and explore the other nature trails. Of course, it was especially nice to top off the afternoon with a trip to Braum’s for ice cream cones. And then, there were those cherry pies… but I’ll save that for another post.



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