Lattice Top Cherry Pie

I made cherry pies last Friday (George Washington’s birthday). It was very simple, but I did try something new, so I thought I’d share it with you.

I basically just put a refrigerated pie shell in a pie plate, smoothed it out really nice and then dumped canned pie cherries into the shell. I was supposed to use 2 cans of cherries per pie, but one of my cans was expired, so I ended up using 1 1/2 cans per pie. (I was making 2 pies.)

Now we come to the “something new” – for me anyway. I decided to make lattice tops for my pies. Some of you are laughing right now, having made lattice tops more times than you can even count, but for me it was a first – so bear with me! šŸ™‚

I thought I could probably figure out how to do it, but because I’m the perfectionist type, I wanted to be sure I did it right. . .so, I pulled out my Martha Stewart baking cookbook to see what she had to say about it. Lo and behold, she had a photo demonstration in there of how to make a lattice crust – Bingo! It turns out that I was glad I looked it up, because she offered a tip that made the difference between total frustration and relative ease in weaving my crusts. But, I get ahead of myself. . .here’s how to make the lattice crust:

1. Slice a prepared pie crust into strips.

2. Lay every other strip on the pie in the same direction, leaving spaces between them and placing them with the short strips on the ends and the longer strips in the middle.

3. Now for the wonderful tip! – gently fold back every other strip on the
top of the pie, so that you can lay a strip across it without having to
actually weave it under.

4. Lay the first strips back down where they go, and gently fold the
alternating strips back. Lay the next strip down.

5. Keep alternating folding back the strips and laying a strip across until you have used up all of the strips and your pie is nicely lattice weaved.

6. Tuck the ends of the strips under the bottom pie crust edge to seal.

7. I sprinkled sugar over the top before baking (another tip from Martha).

I cooked the pies at 425 degrees for 15 minutes, then turned the temperature down to 325 degrees and baked them for about 45 minutes (the recipe on my cherry can said 30 min., but I had 2 pies and they were in stone pie plates, so I think that accounts for the extra time.) Just bake them until the top is golden.

Now, this might be easier to understand if I had pictures, but I didn’t think to take any until the pies were out of the oven. Hopefully, you can understand my directions. Please ask if you need clarification. Of course, most of you probably already knew this, so you can just smile and add any tips you might have!

I’m sure Martha would be much prouder of me if I actually made my pie crust from scratch, but that is too ambitious for me right now – I was doing good to get them done this way! Oh, by the way, here is how they turned out –

My filling erupted through the top, maybe because I didn’t have enough filling to hold the strips up higher. Anyway, they were delicious just the same! I will certainly try it again, maybe with a peach pie…ummm!



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