Happy Birthday Tommy!!!

Today is our son Tommy’s 11th birthday! He is our 5th child and 4th son. He was our first child to take us past the 4 children that we originally thought we would have (back when we thought we were in charge).

Tommy started out life giving his mother a hard time – he was my only C-section, as he refused to turn around the right way (even after being turned – he wouldn’t stay that way!). Tommy often jokes that he just refused to be born – he wasn’t ready to join the crowd.

He got all of his trouble-making out of the way early, though, because ever since then he has been a total sweetheart.

Tommy inherited his dad’s calm, laid-back temperament, his great-grandfather’s big blue eyes and his mama’s dimples.

He is a very smart boy with a wonderful sense of humor. He is very helpful and does so with a servant’s heart.

Some of his favorite things are – riding his bike, playing sports, watching movies and old t.v. shows (on dvd), reading books (especially Hardy Boys) and playing games and Legos.

Tommy is a good student, whose favorite school subject is Math. He likes to copy poetry and is a very good speller. He is always quick to finish his schoolwork and doesn’t usually need much help with it.

Tommy is kind, unselfish and a true friend to others. He is very special to us and a great blessing in our lives.

I love you, Missur Tom!!!



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  1. I have loved browsing through your blog today! I am on the qf blogroll too.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for sharing about your family!

    Jenni at:

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words! I hope you come back again soon!

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