Snow!!. . . part 2. . .

(If you haven’t read part 1 yet, scroll down below to see the drama from the night before.)

Here is the beautiful scene we awoke to on Tuesday morning –

and. . .

and. . .

These pictures say it so much better than I can, so I’ll just show you some more (although the pictures don’t nearly do the real thing justice!) –

and. . .

and. . .

We were so speechless at the beauty of it, and were snapping pictures as fast as we could. The sun was out and everything just sparkled.

Aw, why not – here’s a few more –

Here’s our squirrel feeder tree. . .

a shot of the pool and barn. . .

and the trees by the creek. . .(I’ll admit that the fence is my favorite part of this one!)

We measured the snow on the patio table –

It measured 5 1/2 inches – bear in mind that the kids had already removed the first 1/2 inch the night before when it started to snow, so we really got about 6 inches here.

Alright, a few more for the road. See if you get a hint about the pictures you’ll see in Part 3 – coming up soon!

and. . .

and. . .

Be sure and check back later!



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