SNOW!!. . .plus a little drama. . .

We had a beautiful surprise from the Lord Monday night! Just when we thought spring had arrived and that we would have to miss out on snow this year, God sent a snowstorm that brought us more snow than we’ve seen in many years. The snow started falling here after dark – here is a picture of how it looked when it started –

The snow started to come down fast, which was very exciting, especially to the kids; however, there was one small (or not so small) problem – Matthew was stuck at work, 15 miles away, needing to be picked up. Another not so small problem was that Jeff had sprained his foot on Sunday and had spent the day with his foot elevated , in quite a bit of pain and with greatly impaired mobility (he couldn’t walk).

We had two options – I could go or Ryan (19) could go. Now, I have been very nervous about driving in snowy/icy weather ever since I had an accident on an icy road some 24 years ago – in fact, I think it’s safe to say that I haven’t driven in such weather since then. Ryan hasn’t ever driven in this weather due to not ever needing to before. So the options weren’t too good. We finally settled on Ryan going, and hoped that it wouldn’t be icy, just snowy.

So off he went, with me feeling somewhat apprehensive, but not sure what else to do. Well. he called about 10 minutes later – he hadn’t even gone a mile yet! The snow was coming down so hard that he couldn’t see ahead of him and he was sliding on the snowy road. We told him to try to turn around and come back home, which he did.

Enter a new option. Jeff decided that he would have to go, sprained foot and all – at least it was his left foot that was sprained and not the right (thank you, Lord!), so he could drive if we could just get him to the car. I gingerly slid a sock over his swollen foot and squeezed his foot into a slipper. We decided that it would be good for Ryan to ride with him, in case they got stuck, since Jeff couldn’t do much, with that foot and all. So, after slowly hobbling out to the car, supported by his son, they were off. I was even more apprehensive, since I now knew that it was slippery – although there was small comfort in the fact that Jeff had experience driving on it. It was about 10:00 p,m, I started praying immediately and got the children praying, too. Here is what it looked like when they left –

and. . .

Fifteen minutes later, the phone rang. It was Matthew. I informed him that his dad was on his way, but it would probably take awhile. He replied that a friend from work had offered to let him stay the night at his house, since the roads were so bad. He lived close to work and it would be a short drive for them. I agreed that it would be a good idea and told him to call me when they arrived at the house.

About this time Ryan called in. I told him that Matthew would be staying over at his friend’s and that he and his dad should turn around and head back home – they had made it almost halfway to their destination. I hung up the phone, feeling somewhat relieved, but still praying for them to make it home safely.

Thirty minutes went by and they had not arrived home. I called and Ryan answered the phone. “Where are you?” I asked. He replied, “Right where we were when I talked to you last.” What??? Well, it turns out the highway was at a total standstill and they couldn’t move at all. They didn’t know why noone was moving, but we assumed it was probably an accident. The heater was working fine in the car and they had plenty of gas, so they were okay. I told him to call me when they started moving and hung up.

Thirty minutes later – still no phone call, so I called them again. “Where are you?” – “Same place.” They had not moved an inch, and still didn’t know why. I verified that they were warm and fine, and told them, once again, to call me when they started to move.

Thirty minutes later (is this getting redundant?) – I called them again. Still no movement. Someone in a car behind them had walked down to see what was going on, but he wasn’t back yet, so they still didn’t know. I told them I would start checking the internet traffic sites for a clue. I found only one site that reported anything about it, and all it said was that the section of highway they were on was stopped due to snow on the road.

We all continued to wait it out. Finally, after a total of about 2 1/2 hours of sitting on the highway (and a few more phone calls), Ryan called to say that they were moving. About 20 minutes later, they pulled in – it was close to 1:00 a.m. Jeff’s foot was in need of elevation again, but other than that, they were okay. Mattie had arrived safely at his friend’s home earlier, and I was thanking God that everyone was safe and sound.

We all went to bed tired and with the knowledge that we would be up early the next morning – as soon as the children remembered that there was snow, beckoning them outside.

And so we were . . . check back in a little bit to see pictures of what we awoke to in the morning.



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  1. From frogs to snow to being stranded to gorgeous views. Life sure has its many turns! 😉

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