Snow!!. . .part 3 and final!

Well, it’s taken me awhile, but I am finally posting the last of the three part saga of our snowstorms last week. Just as a recap, we had 6 inches of snow last Monday night. Read that story here in Part 1. For pictures of the beauty left in the wake of this storm, look here in Part 2. The snow started melting pretty quickly on Tuesday, which was good because Tommy was able to go to the movies on his birthday as we had planned. It was all gone by Wednesday, and it was quite warm that day. Then, on Thursday, another snowstorm blew in, this time during the day, so we got to enjoy the sight as it fell – sometimes with giant 2 inch flakes! We ended up with 3 inches this time. What a surprise and thrill to get 2 snowstorms so close together, when we usually rarely get much at all!

What follows are various different shots taken during both events – I’ll caption them, so you’ll know what you’re looking at. Enjoy! –

Here’s David, all ready to head out into the snow (Tue.)

…and here he is out in it. It was melting fast and was already down quite a bit from early morning.

It was fun to throw!

Anna made snow angels.

And, of course, we had to build a snowman!

Because it was melting, it was wet and packed beautifully!

Putting on a few finishing touches – the top hat, by the way, ended up on the snowman for only a few minutes, as it is one of Laura’s treasures (I think she writes in it), and she didn’t want it ruined.

Of course, what good is snow without a good old-fashioned snowball fight? . . .

. . .unless you enjoy eating it instead.

Here is a picture of the creek behind our property . . .

. . .and the pond in the front.

David wandered over by the garden, which will hopefully be brimming with lucious vegies come summertime.

Children and snow – a wonderful combination!

Anna took some inside to snack on – yum! yum!

Okay, get ready for this next one . . .

Are you ready? Really? Okay . . .

Here are two of my children the very next day!!! (Wed.) Can you believe this? Sarah is actually barefooted! That’s what they mean by the fast changing Texas weather!

And, if that’s not enough of an example, here’s a picture 24 hours later (Thu.) – here we go again!

This is a Rose of Sharon bush (leafless still) outside my window.

The birds were filling up on food before heading for shelter.

This little guy was using the feeder as shelter. Hmm. . .I wonder what he was thinking as he sat there, watching the flakes come down (he sat there for quite some time!)

The kids went out to play in the snow again, but I didn’t – prefering the warmth of the house instead – so I didn’t get anymore pictures. After all, this was getting to be “old hat” now!

By the way, in case you’re wondering, Matthew did make it home safely during the 2nd storm. Jeff picked him up on his way past and his employers were kind enough to let him go 4 hours early – thank you, Lord!

We loved our snowy week and thank God for the fun side trip on our way to spring. Now, I’m ready to get back on the road to our destination.

I think the earth is, too! I saw trees blooming in the neighborhood today, and they have forecasted 85 degrees by the end of the week! Gotta love Texas!!



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