Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

Today is our daughter, Sarah’s 10th birthday!

Sarah is our sixth child and second daughter. She came along fast on the heels of Tommy, who is only 1 year and 24 days older than her.

Sarah is a sweet, kind and generous girl. She has a special gift for giving to others and is frequently making things and wrapping things up for people – she loves to give gifts to people and express her love to them.

Sarah’s idea of the perfect day is to go out with Mom and have lunch and go shopping. She would like to do so way more often than she is able to.

Sarah likes to sing, dance, do gymnastics, talk and spend time with her friends. She enjoys decorating our house and her room (which she shares with her older sister). She loves her kitty, Macey, and takes good care of her.

Sarah has a very tender heart and likes to help people. She is shy (like her mother), and sensitive, and loves to teach the younger ones new skills, style her little sister’s hair and such.

Sarah hasn’t always been the easiest child to raise, as her sensitivity, strong will and emotions many times have combined to create a turbulent storm, but she has grown up so much in recent years and these storms have become few and far between. Her faith in Christ has made a huge impact – I noticed a definite difference in her life when she prayed to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

Sarah is a blessing to our family and to her parents, and we are so thankful that God sent her to us.

Happy Birthday Sarah!!! We love you very much!!



2 Responses

  1. Sarah is beautiful! I can’t believe it’s been ten years since she was born and we were in the same church. Wow – Time surely does fly.

    Happy Birthday, Sarah! 🙂

  2. Happy belated birthday to your daughter! She really is lovely and I hope she had a wonderful day.

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