Birthday Party Weekend! Part 1 . . . The Girls

Whew! We have just finished birthday party weekend! Sarah and Tommy both had parties this weekend and we all had a great time, but I must admit that I’m glad the weekend is behind us!

It all started Friday, the 28th – Sarah’s actual 10th birthday. We spent the day getting ready for Sarah’s birthday slumber party which was scheduled to begin at 6:00 pm. I made a trip to Wal-mart to pick up the cake and finish shopping for some odds and ends for both parties. Believe it or not, I didn’t return home until 5:00 pm – 1 hour until party time! And. . . I forgot to pick up the cake in my rush to finish shopping and get home! No worries – Jeff could get it on his way home.

My children did a fantastic job of cleaning up the house in my absence and it was all ready when I got home. HUGE BLESSING!!! All that was left to do was to hide clues for the mystery hunt, decorate the table and put together goody bags for the girls. Sounds simple, huh?

About the time some of the girls started arriving, the challenges began. I sent Ryan to the gas station to get a bag of ice. He called a few minutes later, and reported that his car wouldn’t start and he was stuck there. At the same time, Matthew received a phone call from work asking him to please come in – they were short-handed. He needed a ride there asap. Jeff wasn’t home yet – he had gotten halfway home when he realized that he left his wallet at work and had turned around to go back to get it (he works about an hour away from home). I left all of the kids with Matthew and Laura and ran down to pick up Ryan, who left his car at the gas station. When we got back home, Ryan took Matthew to work in the van. When I went to find my coupon to order the pizzas, I found that it was expired, and I couldn’t find a current one that was nearly as good as the deal I was expecting to get. (Is your head spinning yet? Mine was!) During all of this fun, girls were continuing to arrive, and I spent about 10 minutes each tme visiting with the parent who was dropping them off. Jeff called and said that he had called the pizza restaurant and gotten a good deal (without a coupon even! – he can always manage to do this) and that he was almost home and would pick up the pizzas himself (delivery time was running an hour and a half.). He finally arrived with the cake, ice cream and pizzas around 8:00 pm.

Once all of the girls arrived (there were 9 in all), things settled down a bit and we started the party games. The party had a few themes – Nancy Drew mystery, “Enchanted” the movie, and scrapbooking. We had an ongoing mystery game that lasted most of the evening. The girls were given small notepads to record clues that they would find hidden around the living room, dining room and kitchen. They had to find eight clues and then use the clues to solve the mystery of what the prize was that was up for grabs. They looked for clues as we went throughout the evening doing other activities.

Another game we played was a sheet of scrambled up detective/mystery words – the girl who solved them all first won a prize. Next, we put a sticker on each girl’s back which had the name of a female Disney character on it. The girls went around asking each other questions to try to figure out which character they were. This game was drawn from the fact that the movie “Enchanted” contains multiple references to other Disney movies throughout it.

We ate pizza and chips as soon as Jeff arrived, which, amazingly, happened to be as we were finishing up the last game (except for the continuing clue hunt). Next we had cake and ice cream. Here is a picture of the cake – it was an “Enchanted” cake.

After cake and ice cream, Sarah opened her presents, which were lovely and very generous. Jeff and Ryan headed back out to jump and retrieve Ryan’s car from the gas station and to pick up Matthew, who was now finished working.

I cleaned off the table and set it up for our next fun activity – scrapbooking! We had asked the girls to bring some photos to scrapbook with. I handed them each out a small foam-covered scrapbook (I found these at Wal-mart) and they proceeded to start filling them. We had scrapbook paper, stickers, foam stickers, gems, buttons, wavy scissors and glitter glue for them to use. It was lots of fun and they all really enjoyed themselves. They scrapbooked for a couple of hours, and then went back to it some more later in the night, as well as in the morning, since we left everything out on the table until the party was over.

By 10:30 or so, the last clue was found and someone solved the mystery and won the prize – a complete scrapbooking kit! We said good-bye to four of the girls around 11 pm, as they were unable to spend the night.

We laid out six sleeping bags on the living room floor (Anna wanted to join them), and the girls changed into their pj’s. We popped popcorn and filled two small bowls with M & M’s to snack on during the movie. The girls had earlier voted between watching “Nancy Drew” and “Enchanted”. “Enchanted” had won, so we settled down to watch it at exactly midnight.
(I was 2 hours behind schedule due to the earlier challenges, but noone seemed to mind!)

All of the girls enjoyed the movie and surprisingly stayed awake until the end. We told them goodnight and after some talking and giggling, they finally fell asleep. Or so we thought – it turns out that Sarah and one of the girls kept talking until around 4:30 am! (We found this out the next morning.)

Morning brought a breakfast of donuts, strawberries, grapes, bananas, juice and milk. The girls scrapbooked a bit more, played some basketball and jumped on the trampoline until they were picked up around 11 am.

It was a fun party, even with it’s rocky start, and we were pleased that all of the girls seemed to enjoy themselves. Ahhh – time for a little rest and relaxation, which we had – for about an hour. Then it was time to get on with the day. Jeff took Tommy to baseball practice while I headed back to Wal-Mart to do the grocery shopping for the week (You might wonder why I didn’t do it the day before, but seriously, it never occurred to me! I was just handling one thing at a time.) The evening was spent cleaning off a bookshelf (don’t ask me why I decided to do that with everything else going on! – I don’t even know!), getting ready for church the next morning and getting ready for the next birthday party – for Tommy – on Sunday afternoon.

This one has gotten so long, I think that I’ll tell you about the boys party in the next post!



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