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Birthday Party Weekend! Part 2 . . . The Boys

Tommy’s 11th birthday was March 4th, but we decided to do both he and Sarah’s parties in the same weekend – this past weekend. Sarah had a slumber party on Friday and Tommy’s party was Sunday afternoon. If you haven’t read my last post telling about Sarah’s party, click here or scroll down below to read all about our girls party.

Now for the boys party –

We left church and headed in separate directions – Jeff to Wal-Mart (yes, again) to pick up yet another cake, and myself and the children to home to finish getting ready for the party. We had about an hour to get ready, so I drove through McDonald’s to grab lunch – easy prep and clean-up – and headed home.

Thankfully, there weren’t any challenges this time to get in our way, unless you want to count the always present challenges of life in a large family. It was a really good thing that there weren’t because I was pretty much running on fumes at this point. I was so thankful that Jeff was home this time to help take charge of the party.

Tommy is a huge Hardy Boys fan. He is collecting all of the books and has read about 1/3 of them already. He wanted a mystery/detective party from the start. It worked out well, since Sarah had wanted some mystery elements too, so I just repeated a couple of the games with a masculine tweak.

After all of the boys arrived (turned out to be 9 boys including Tommy – just like at Sarah’s party!), I explained the mystery hunt that they would be engaged in throughout the party. In this case, it was a missing diamond that had been hidden by an already apprehended thief. They were to search the party area for 5 clues and record them in their detective notepads. The first person to find all 5 clues was taken to the front porch where the diamond was hidden. He would use his clues to pinpoint the exact location. The diamond was really neat – a huge sparkly fake diamond ring that was supposed to be a keychain, but which transformed into a mega diamond ring when I took off the keychain part. The winner of the hunt won a large SuperSoaker water gun.

We also borrowed the Who Am I? game from Sarah’s party, with each boy receiving a sticker on his back bearing the name of someone that he would need to figure out by asking questions of the other boys. The twist we put on it this time was that the names we put on their backs were all names of the other boys at the party. This was fun, but they figured them out much faster than they would have if they had random characters on their backs. In fact, the boys seemed to play all of the games faster than the girls – maybe they were more goal oriented, whereas the girls just enjoyed the fellowship along the way.

Our last game was a page of riddles for them to solve. The first one done with all correct answers won a prize.

All of the games were finished when we lit the birthday candles – even the mystery hunt – remember, I said they played everything fast! Tommy’s cake was a Ratatouille cake – here’s a picture –

We put trick candles on top that kept relighting every time Tommy blew them out. He really liked that!

Following cake and ice cream, with snacks of chips and M & M’s we proceeded to present opening. Tommy received some great presents including lots of Legos (which he loves) and a neat cup stacking game that he has been captivated with – you try to stack the cups faster and faster each time.

At this point, I was out of planned entertainment, but not out of party, so I was VERY thankful that the previously cloudy and damp day had turned into a bright and sunny one. Jeff headed outside with all of the boys. Some played basketball, others worked the new Legos, but the main attraction was the squirt guns that they all received in their goody bags. This was the hit of the party! They chased each other all over and had a grand time. Before it was all over, some of them ended up on the trampoline, playing a game that I’ve been told is called “Who?” – I don’t actually understand how it’s played, but they did and had lots of fun. Here’s a picture of them sitting on the trampoline playing “Who?” –

As the last birthday party guest disappeared over the horizon, I went inside to crash on the couch for a while. It was a good feeling – satisfaction in a job well done and relief that it was truly done. Jeff and I went out later, just the two of us, for some Chinese food to celebrate.



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