Nature Blog

In case you’ve been wondering what is going on with the nature blog on the sidebar, here’s what. . .

It isn’t true that we have had no nature worth reporting going on – to the contrary, the world is bursting forth with blooms and greenery and there is much to report!

It isn’t true that I just got bored with the nature blog and decided to neglect it.

It isn’t true that I’ve been too busy to update it, even.

It is true that WordPress decided to change some of the behind the scenes pages and there is a bug in it that won’t let me change my text in the sidebar.

I guess the fact that there is a “bug” is appropriate, since it is a nature blog.

I am hoping that they get this problem fixed soon, because I miss (and hope you do, too!) keeping you updated on all the happenings going on in creation here!

Maybe I’ll have to write a few more regular posts sharing some of them. I have been meaning to share some pictures of the beautiful flowers abloom around the yard, as soon as I can actually get my brain to remember to take my camera outside with me.

Just in case you were wondering.



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