Macey’s New Diet

Warning!! You may not want to read this if you have a weak stomach! There – now you’re warned – proceed if you so desire, but with caution.

Macey, the cat (or the rat, as some have been heard to say), has a new item in her late night diet. She has spent the evening freeing our home of long legged creatures that scurry across the floor – namely spiders. It has been quite gruesome to watch, and somewhat nauseating. It wouldn’t be so bad if she would just play with them – like I would expect a cat to do – but she goes one step further and makes a meal of them. Maybe I should be thankful that there aren’t spider parts laying around when she’s done, and I certainly am thankful that there are less spiders running wild in the house, but I’m not sure I’ll sleep better tonight harboring the image of Macey chomping those bugs down faster than a rat in a cheese factory (to borrow a Tennessee Ernie Fordism). I hope you weren’t trying to eat while reading this one – I apologize if you were! (key word – “were”)



2 Responses

  1. That is the cutesst picture of Macey!! She was posing for you.
    You’re fortunate that she didn’t proudly bring the spiders to you as a gift.
    I remember when Musty, our cat in Greensboro caught a squirrel and gave it to us. Also one of our cats brought us a mouse.

  2. Yes, it may have been worse if she’d brought them to us. I remember Cleo and Cheeto bringing birds to the door sometimes. They were always so proud of themselves!

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