Quick!! To the kitchen!!

I almost forgot to tell you (in case you don’t already know) – today is National Chocolate Chip Day!!! There’s still time to whip up some cookies, muffins or hey, just sprinkle some on a dish of ice cream. I am in the kitchen as I speak (or write) getting my ingredients out to bake my homemade chocolate chip cookies. (Dad, I’d bring you some, if I lived a little closer!)

So get with it, and see what you can come up with – you know, there’s always Chips Ahoy!



One Response

  1. I know it is too far away for you to bring me cookies. Thanks for the thought. Oh, by the way, since you could not get them to me, the “cookie fairy” left some on my front porch. They sure taste alot like yours. Am now staying awake at nights trying to catch the “cooky fairy” and determine who it is.

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