“Prince Caspian” – A Definite Thumbs Up!

Laura and I went to see the new Narnia movie this afternoon, “Prince Caspian”. We both thoroughly enjoyed it – more so even than the first one, and we both really liked that one too!

Ryan and Matthew went last night at midnight for the first showing (why do kids today think they have to see it the minute it comes out? – do your teenagers do this too?) Laura was feeling deprived, because neither Jeff or I would take her last night, so she and I went today.

I won’t say much about it so as to spoil it for any of you – just suffice it to say that it was quite good, very fun to watch and had a great message – bland remarks I know, but you don’t really want me to discuss details, do you? My only caution would be for those of you wanting to take young children – there is a lot of fighting (sword and otherwise) in the movie that I wouldn’t want to expose a young child to. I think that we will take our 10 and 11 year olds, but I consider them to be about as young as I would consider taking.



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