David’s Two-rrific Quandry

David is two years old. As a typical two year old, he is susceptible to certain behaviors common to those passing through this stage of life. He is enjoying newfound skills, adding to his vocabulary almost daily (putting two words together now!) and sometimes adamant about getting his way. (Can you say t-a-n-t-r-u-m?)

Lately we’ve been noticing another characteristic showing up that may be a lesser known two year old characteristic, but that I do remember experiencing before with others of my children. He is having a very difficult time making up his mind about things. It is really almost funny, except when it’s frustrating to both of us. For instance, today he was trying to choose between his Elmo shirt and his Pooh Bear shirt. He literally went back and forth 10-15 times. Every time I tried to put on his choice of shirt, he changed his mind. It got to be so ridiculous, we were both laughing about it. He finally was content when I suggested he wear Pooh now and we could change to Elmo later.

In the pool earlier, he decided he wanted to ride on the dolphin float. When we brought it over to him, he declared “NO! NO!”. And I won’t even talk about his trouble with cups and bowls! (This one I don’t put up with – there is a limit to my sanity!)

Alas, soon enough he will outgrow this little difficulty and move on to something else. In fact, in my experience, he will be 20 years old tomorrow and I will miss all of his little antics. I think I’ll try to appreciate it while I can!



One Response

  1. David’s so cute!
    Yes, I’m commenting 😛

    -Tis from (close your eyes and guess)


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