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The Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ June 2

As we begin this new week, I would like to share my newest Daybook entry with you.

Outside my window. . . the first pink flower is blooming on our large Rose of Sharon bush. A squirrel is eating out of the bird feeder. I just refilled the feeders yesterday – the birds haven’t discovered it yet, but I think the squirrels can smell it from miles away.
I am thinking. . . still about an anniversary gift for Jeff (Why do men have to be so hard to buy for?) I’m not thinking of much else – remember I’ve got 4 extra children this week – no time for thinking.
I am thankful for. . . my two dear oldest sons with birthdays this week and my sweet, loving husband who married me 25 years ago this Wednesday.
From the kitchen. . . blueberry muffins are baking for breakfast. There will be Oven Fried Chicken Nuggets, rice and green beans for dinner tonight.
I am wearing. . . light blue toile pj’s
I am creating. . . ideas of what to do in a house with 12 children and too much Mario Kart.
I am going. . . to finish going through the clothes storage boxes (which are now all sitting in my living room), paring them down and sorting them out in the next 24 hours so that they can go back to their home in the attic and vacate my living room.
I am reading. . . a new issue of “Family Fun” magazine that came in the mail last week. Oh, and Romans!
I am hoping. . . to be a better, less selfish, more Godly wife to my sweetheart in the next 25 years of marriage than I have been in the first 25 years. . .and that the Lord blesses us with 25 more years!
I am hearing. . . Barney DVD on the tv, kids chasing down Macey – who is running away while pretending to be a wild tiger kitty, air conditioner running, children “discussing” who gets to go first at Mario Kart today since there are only 4 controllers and 8 children wanting them, tears from Anna – as it has been determined that the girls’ team will play later.
Around the house. . . those lovely boxes in the living room (previously mentioned), many wonderful children, toys strewn across my bedroom floor, a freshly washed load of swimsuits and towels – ready and waiting to be used again today, and a new package of DVD’s and CD’s from Vision Forum just waiting for me to have the time to dig into.
One of my favorite things. . . fireflies! I look forward each night to watching them come out and dance around my yard, like little stars come down from heaven.
A few plans for the rest of the week. . . playing and swimming with the kids, a birthday lunch with our oldest son, Ladies Bible Study, end of the year baseball tournament (Tommy), an anniversary party given by my sweet family, and finally, when it’s all over and done with – Jeff and I are going to spend a whole day out next weekend, going wherever we want and doing whatever we want(which I’m sure will include dinner and a movie at least!)
Here is a picture thought I am sharing. . .

Ah, the joy of summer!
Remember when a sprinkler was all the fun you needed?

Please stop by to visit Peggy at The Simple Woman to find the list of other participants in The Simple Woman’s Daybook this week.

Have a lovely day!


2 Responses

  1. Happy anniversary! When we had our 25th, our son was married and our daughter was in college. They bought us a weekend at a lovely Inn and we paid for dinner. It was very nice. We’ve had some good celebrations. We don’t usually buy gifts but let the dinner and hotel stay be our gift to each other. I have been given a couple of rings on the important ones.

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one in jammies. Its lunchtime now and I may keep them on all day. Honey Bear is gone and its just me and Smokey. He doesn’t care if I get dressed or not. I will shower and put on clean ones after my exercise.
    Have a good week.

  2. Thank you, Mama Bear! What a nice gift from your children for your 25th! We haven’t really started celebrating ours yet, since we still had visiting children over yesterday. The whole weekend we’ll be celebrating, so it will be extra special.

    Many mornings I am still in jammies until lunchtime! – kind of depends on when someone else gets up to watch David. Many times I get on the computer waiting for them, and then it’s my fault that I don’t get showered until later!

    Have a wonderful week, too!

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