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A Lovely Evening!

Saturday night was a very special night for us. Our family held a party for us to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Nothing big – just the family, but so much fun and very special.

We gathered at my brother and sister-in-law’s home at dinnertime. Everything was decorated so lovely! The first thing we saw when we walked in the door was this beautiful table all decorated for the occasion –

The mantle in the living room contained framed pictures of Jeff and I in our early years (some of these I had never seen before!) –

Dinner was delicious – honey baked ham, green beans, wild rice, strawberry congealed salad (the same recipe we served at my bridesmaids’ luncheon 25 years ago), rolls and a fruit platter for dipping in a white chocolate fondue fountain –

After dinner, we were presented with several very lovely gifts. The first was this beautiful scrapbook lovingly put together by my sis-in-law, sister, and mom –

This album is absolutely gorgeous all the way through, filled with pictures from our wedding and life together. These three ladies had never scrapbooked anything before in their lives, but they got together at a scrapbook store one evening and put together these beautiful pages, just as though they’d been doing it for years! (I told them that now we would have to have another scrapbook night, so I could come!) Here are a few pages from the album –

The next wonderful gift to come our way was in the form of a letter, written by Ryan, representing all of the children to us. It was so special, all about our years together and their love for us. Ryan read the letter out loud and it was hard to keep from tearing (I think Jeff probably did – he’s an old softie). Here is Ryan (and David) reading the letter –

We were also gifted with several cards and a very generous gift certificate for an Italian restaurant nearby!

The next event of the evening was the cake cutting and champagne toast. Somehow I managed to not get a close up of the cake, which was so beautiful – two tiered with white chocolate shavings and huge chocolate dipped strawberries on top. (You can see it in the first picture – just not close up). We cut the cake together using the knife that my parents used at their wedding. Then we fed it to each other, which I won’t share pictures of! My dad offered up a very sweet toast and we all enjoyed the delicious cake.

There were various mementos set around from our wedding, such as my dried wedding bouquet, wedding album, bride and groom from the top of our wedding cake, wedding invitation, many pictures, and the handkerchief that I carried in my wedding (which my mother also carried in her wedding). We used the embossed wedding napkins leftover from our reception 25 years ago, as well as the special champagne glasses and 25th anniversary salt/pepper shakers from my parents’ anniversary party 26 years ago. I brought my wedding dress, shoes and veil – which we displayed in the master bedroom –

It was a wonderful party, filled with love, family and memories. We are both so grateful to our family for all of the love and effort that went into this party! It will be a special memory for the rest of our lives! We love you all and thank you so very much!



4 Responses

  1. Congratulations on 25 Years!!!

    Everything is so beautiful – what a wonderful thing for your family to do!

    We celebrated Mom and Dad’s 50th in January – WHOO! That’s a big one.

    ♥ U, Michelle.

  2. Sounds like a really nice party! I’m glad you had such a wonderful time. It makes me want to pull out my old pictures of early years too! Here is a cute picture for you. I love this web site for cute animal pics. My e-mail: musickat@swbell.net

  3. Hi Michelle!

    Thank you so much! We celebrated my parent’s 50th two years ago, and my family came down sick the weekend of the party and I had to miss it!

    I’m keeping you guys in my prayers.


  4. Hi Kathy!

    I love that picture!! Laura and I were both squealing when we saw it. She loves animals and has been to that site before – they have some really funny pictures.

    I’m sure you will be pulling out your wedding pictures soon, too – 25 coming up for you too in a couple of months!

    I’ll be e-mailing as soon as I can get a spare moment!


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