Congratulations to the Champions!!

Tommy has been playing baseball this spring and thoroughly enjoying it. His team went into the end of the season tournament in first place. This, of course, simply increased his enjoyment.

The end of the season tournament started Thursday night, with a loss for our team. Never fear – this was a double elimination tournament (meaning they have to lose twice to be out, for those of you nonsports fans.)

The next game was Friday night – we won.

Saturday morning dawned early with a 9 am game – won by run rule (meaning that the game ended early due to one team being so far ahead of the other, for those of you – you know who I mean.)

Next game – 2:00 – won.

Next game – 5:00 – won by run rule.

This put us into the championship game which started at 7:30. And as you can tell by the title of this post – Tommy’s team won the final game and the championship!!

Now this is certainly exciting, however, it probably would have been a tad bit more exciting if Tommy had actually been there to celebrate with the team. He actually had to miss the final two games, much to Jeff’s consternation, due to our evening plans (which will be the subject of the next post).

We are very proud of Tommy and his hard work this season! Go Panthers!



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