My Most Awesome Anniversary Present!!

Here is what my sweet husband gave me for our 25th anniversary –

This is so exciting because the laptop I’ve been using is really old and ready for a nice long rest!  It never really fully recovered from it’s last near-fatal illness and was running so slow and with such difficulty that I have been heard to complain daily once or twice about it.  I guess Jeff felt sorry for me – or got tired of hearing me complain – so he surprised me with this beauty!


I was so excited about my new gift, that I actually have named it her.  Yes, of course it would have to be a girl – with the boys outnumbering the girls around here, I’m always looking to even things out a bit.  So, “Annie” is my new blogging companion, who I hope to spend many happy hours working with.  I’m still a little timid with her – lots of new things to learn – for instance, she is running Vista as opposed to my old comfortable XP, and the mouse has been replaced with a touchpad that has amazing features, but is quite sensitive (a true lady).  I have been spending extra time trying to figure her out, and I’m sure I will get it all eventually, but for now I’m really enjoying the faster speed and the ability to actually watch those videos that some of you have posted on your sites.

Thanks, sweetie, for such a wonderful gift!





3 Responses

  1. Wow! Nice gift! I’d say more,but I’m on my s l o w ‘puter today.

  2. How very cool! Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Annie is a cute name! What a great gift! 🙂

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