“Gotta Love Relative Discounts” . . .

This is a quote from my son Matthew earlier this evening. It was spoken shortly after he and his brother Ryan carried a rather large television set down the stairs from Ryan’s room and into Matthew’s room.

You see, Ryan came home earlier today with a huge box which the two boys carried up the stairs to Ryan’s room. The contents? A new wide-screen HD television set.

Not that either boy will actually be watching t.v. on their t.v.’s – we don’t have cable, satellite or any antennas for picking up local channels. When we moved to the country three years ago, we made the decision to not have t.v. This, of course, doesn’t mean that we don’t own any television sets – in fact I think we have about 7 of them now – they are used only for watching DVD’s and videos or for playing video games, which believe me, is probably still more hours than I’d like it to be, but at least it’s controlled viewing.

So . . . Matthew made a deal with his brother to buy his old t.v., which I think originally belonged to his oldest brother, Robert, hence his oh, so true words – “gotta love relative discounts!”

Come to think of it, the living room t.v. was originally Robert’s, too. I think I would definitely have to agree with Matt on this one.



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