Dolphins, Whales and Lots of Heat!

We spent the day at Sea World yesterday here in sunny San Antonio. Sunny and hot San Antonio. The temperature here yesterday reached 102 degrees. We drank lots of water and had a nice soak in the pool when we returned to the hotel.

The day was fun, regardless of the heat. We saw shows, pet dolphins, viewed sharks and walked around alot. Some of the kids got a good splashing by Shamu, which helped cool them off a bit. The shows were fun, but different from what we remember in the past. They were more entertaining than educational. They really didn’t tell anything at all about the animals, and there seemed to be less emphasis on the animals and more emphasis on the people in the show. I would have preferred to have been taught about the animals, but, as I said, the shows were fun anyway.

There is so much to see at Sea World, it is impossible to get to everything in one day. In years past, we have taken two days for Sea World, so that we could enjoy the water park as well, but opted for just one this time. I think that next time, we might plan two days again, even without the water parks – there is just so much there to do.

Here are a few of our many pictures from our day in the sun –

Now, we’re off to more fun adventures. Until later –



2 Responses

  1. the Caper show is our favorite (next to last photo). We know this Sea World like the back of our hand..we have been there many a time!

  2. Hi MamaArcher! We loved the seal show! We saw the one at the end of the day where they spoofed our day at the park – so funny! We were dying laughing.

    I would love to live close enough to have season passes – I think it would be so great to go whenever we’d like and not feel rushed to do it all so fast, but we really aren’t close enough!


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