“Remember the Alamo”

Day 4 of our vacation to San Antonio, Texas found us at the “birthplace of Texas freedom” – the Alamo. We all slept in a little and didn’t get out until after 1 pm. We headed downtown and after finding a lot to park in, started looking for a place to eat lunch. When we spotted Fuddrucker’s we made a beeline for it (we were all pretty hungry by now!) We enjoyed a nice lunch of burgers and such. Here is a picture of a few of the children eating in the “Elvis” booth –

After lunch, we strolled down the sidewalk and the children found a vendor selling these marionettes. They were very reasonably priced, so we bought 4 of them. (I was wondering how long it would take until the strings were hopelessly tangled and the marionettes became simply dolls, but the price was right, so we went for it.) They’ve had a lot of fun with them, and yes, I’ve had to untangle them already a lot – “Mom, my strings are tangled again!” (mostly from Anna) – but, so far, it hasn’t been “hopeless”. Anna likes to think of hers as a baby doll, as you can tell by the second picture –

We stored the dolls in the stroller and headed for the Alamo, across the street. I had planned to read all about the history of the Alamo to the children before arriving there, but couldn’t find any of my Texas history books (typical)! I did brief them on what I remembered about the story, so at least they knew something. I know that the full impact of what happened there escaped many of them, but I loved it. No matter how many times I’ve visited, it still is thrilling for me to be on the site of historical buildings, drinking in the reality of people’s lives that came before me and what they went through and (especially in this case) what they gave up for what they believed in. It was exciting to see Davy Crockett’s possessions preserved for us, as well as other items from the battle of the Alamo, fought for Texas freedom. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the building, as it is basically a shrine in memory of those brave men who lost their lives there, but I got some nice shots of the outside and some of the courtyards –

It was another hot day – around 100 degrees – and we were all thankful to get back to the air conditioning when we were done. We rested up for a little while, then went to dinner and back to the hotel for our nightly swim – completing our final day of vacation. There would be packing up to do the next morning and the drive home.



2 Responses

  1. My family (some of them) visited the Alamo last week, too. I wish I’d have been up to going with them, but I was still exhausted from Schlitterbahn. Like you, it thrills me so much to be able to “drink in the reality of people’s lives that came before me”. That is one of the big reasons that I enjoy historic sites.
    I would have bought the marionettes too! 😉

  2. Love all the pictures of the family having fun on vacation. It also helped us to see what you were doing every day while you were gone.

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