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Two of a Kind

I read this meme over at Mother Hen’s site Ship Full O’ Pirates and thought it looked like fun, so here goes –

Two names I go by ~

1. Mom, Mama, Mommy and Ma (I actually hear all of these around my house)

2. Honey (to my sweetie)

Two things I’m wearing right now ~

1. Coral t-shirt

2. Blue jean shorts

Two of my favorite things today ~

1. A red cardinal in the bush outside my window.

2. Children sitting around on my bed chatting and hanging out with Mom.

Two things I want at the moment ~

1. Food (I haven’t eaten yet this morning)

2. A clean house with all my laundry caught up (hah!)

Two favorite pets I have had ~

1. My black cat Cleo from my teenage years – I used to call her my angel in disguise.

2. My hamster, PJ, from my college years – she was my college buddy.

Two people I hope will fill this out ~

1. Kathy from Joyful Journey Journal

2. Lea from Farmhouse Blessings

Two things I did last night ~

1. Had a special late-night movie night with Sarah, Tommy and Laura watching the newly released “Spiderwick Chronicles”

2. Worked on a few blog posts for future posting (coming up soon!)

Two things I ate last night ~

1. that yummy Tater Tot Casserole (see recipe below)

2. Hershey’s Kisses dipped in peanut butter (with the movie)

Two people I last talked to ~

1. Anna (“I don’t like this candy – I want some M & M’s”)

2. Laura (“Pleeeeeeez, won’t you take me shopping today?”)

Two things I will do tomorrow ~

1. Take Laura to her horseback riding lesson.

2. Change numerous diapers (I was going to put laundry, but since I don’t always get to that, I knew diapers would be more of a sure thing!)

Farthest two trips I have taken in the last 5 years ~

1. San Antonio, Texas – just last week! (see those posts below)

2. Colorado – a few years ago visiting relatives – it’s always so beautiful I can’t stand to come back to Texas!

Two favorite holidays ~

1. Christmas

2. Thanksgiving

Two favorite beverages ~

1. Pink Lemonade – I drink it year round I love it so much!

2. Hot Chocolate with whipped cream – I sometimes drink it year round, too, but not as much as the lemonade.

Now it’s your turn! Anyone who wants to join in, post your Two of a Kinds on your blog and leave me a comment with your link, so that I can pop over and read yours!



8 Responses

  1. Hey, thanks for coming by my site for a visit! I have my husband’s boss coming over for dinner, so I need to get working, but I will be sure to come back for another look around when I get some free time.

  2. Hi Nancy, thanks for the link. I would love to have your Pink Lemonade recipe. 😀

  3. Hah! Mother Hen – I had to laugh when I read that. Look for my recipe soon on the blog – I was going to write it here, but decided it would make a great post – you know – always on the lookout for new bloggy ideas!
    (Seriously I’m starting to view life that way – it scares me sometimes – I’ll call for my camera and the kids will say, “let me guess, you’re going to put that on your blog, right?”)


  4. Hi Michelle!

    Glad you came to visit. You’re a brave woman cooking for the boss! I hope your evening goes well.


  5. Nancy,
    Hi! This is fun! I did post something for you at:


    When I set up my blog, that was the username, but the title is different. I’m so new to this and am figuring it all out by myself, so any tips would be welcome!!!

  6. How fun to learn more about you! I feel so honored that you’d want to read my 2 of a Kind. I’ll work on that this weekend!


  7. Kathy – You are doing so good to be able to figure it out by yourself! I felt so clueless when I started (not that long ago) and wouldn’t have known what to do without my teenagers helping me! There is still so much that I don’t know how to do, but I learn little by little as I find new things that I want to do.

    I will be happy to help you in any way I can – I can always ask my kids if I don’t know!


  8. Hi Lea! I can’t wait to read your list!


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