Update on the Gardens

In my walk around the yard the other day I took a few pictures of the gardens and their progress.

Out in the “big garden” – here are some of our pumpkin plants coming along strong –

These are watermelon vines – there are some pumpkins mixed in a little bit. It’s a mystery where they came from – they just started to come up. I know I probably should have pulled the pumpkin intruders out, but I can’t stand to pull happy, healthy plants! I’ll probably be sorry when they compromise my watermelons! –

Next is our zucchini bed, in need of a little weeding. Jeff has already harvested a couple of first zucchinis from here this year! The plot below the zucchini contains yellow onions (and lots of weeds). It used to contain red onions, too, but they up and disappeared without a trace! (another mystery!). The plot just to the right of the zucchini is my strawberry patch. It’s so sad that I couldn’t bear to take pictures of it – the grass has almost completely taken over and the strawberry plants are just peeking their heads out of it – We’re not sure what to do about it – if we pull it, it will probably just grow back. Anyway, enjoy the picture of the zucchini plants –

Here we have the cucumber plants with their trellises. They are about ready for me to train them to start up the trellises. The fence here needs a little repair, as you can tell. I love cool, crisp cucumbers, especially in the summer, so I’m looking forward to this harvest –

The rest of the big garden contains more pumpkins – there are large ones, medium sized pie pumpkins and small Jack-Be-Littles for decorating around the house. There is also an empty plot, where I was supposed to plant green beans, but never got around to it. I need to check into whether I can still plant them for a fall harvest.

Our next stop is the herb garden. It is located close to the house, in a bed by our back patio. This is my first year to plant an herb garden and I love looking at it and smelling it, but keep wondering what I’m going to do with all of them. I need to start experimenting with them in my cooking and researching how to dry them for the winter. It’s all new to me! But, I’ve learned to look on gardening as a long-term learning process. I wish I knew everything I need to know now, and feel like I have so very much to learn, but I do learn new things every year, so maybe some day I’ll kind of know what I’m doing! So, without further ado, here’s the herb garden (or most of it – see the first picture in this post to see the whole garden) –

Across the sidewalk from the herb garden is my small garden. I usually plant things here that need more constant harvesting – like tomatoes, okra and peppers. The first year here I also planted marigolds in the corners, which come back every year and are threatening to take over the garden. Last year they were beautiful by autumn, filling the bed with orange and yellow blossoms. This garden is quite a mystery this year! I planted tomato plants, pepper plants, and okra seeds here, The tomatoes and peppers are still here (although some of the peppers are being attacked by marigolds), and there are two okra plants (out of 12 that I planted!) The mystery, however, is that we also have two zucchini plants that came up, as well as several sunflowers! This is really strange, because I’ve only ever planted zucchini in the big garden, which is far away from this garden; and the sunflowers we plant are always by the barn, also rather far from this garden. I have my suspicions that a “little gardener” may have found my seed packets from last year and done a little impromptu planting – but I may never know.

Okay, final disclaimer – I originally took this picture with the intention of showing you what happens when you don’t take have time to weed the garden regularly. Since this picture was taken, my sweetheart has done a fair amount of weeding in this garden, and it really does look better than this! Okay, so now you’ve been warned – here’s the picture – (oh, I’m so embarrassed!)

Our final stop on the garden tour isn’t really a garden, but they are edible! Here is a picture of my very first blackberries ripening. These bushes are planted along the outside of the white picket fence which surrounds the pool. I dream of them growing all over the fence someday and providing us with lucious berries every summer. I am so thrilled to even get these few, as I think they are not supposed to fruit until the second year after planting, and this is just the first year! I picked one that was dark and ate it right fresh off the bush – the beginning of my dream come true –

So, those are my gardens. I hope you enjoyed the tour. I’ll leave you with a picture of one of my little weed-pulling helpers from the day I weeded the herb garden –



4 Responses

  1. Thank you for the tour. Your weed puller is very intent on the task at hand.

  2. I can taste that blackberry cobbler now!!!

  3. I love the garden. I dream that someday I will live in an area where I can have several plots everywhere like that. Along with a few fruit trees. But for now, I have a few feet along the fence in my little back yard. But I am thankful for what I have. 🙂

  4. Wow…that was inspiring. You really have a knack for gardening! I like everything that you are growing! Blackberries would be a must in my garden too. We plan on having some raised beds in the backyard within the year. Hope I can keep from killing everything (sheepish grin).

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