Meet Jack

About a week ago, we started having trouble with our trash. Something was tipping our cans and scattering trash all around. We assumed it must be the resident raccoons who live on our property, but we found out after several days that the raccoons were innocent of the crime.

The children were looking outside one afternoon a few days after our trash woes began, and, lo and behold, there was a black labrador laying behind the bush outside the window. He appeared to be injured, so we watched him cautiously. Trying to keep my 14 year old animal (especially dog)-loving daughter away from him was like holding back a Clydesdale. Jeff immediately got an e-mail sent around the neighborhood, asking if anyone was missing a dog.

We never had any calls about him, and had pretty much decided that he was a stray, due to his extreme thinness and obsession with our trash cans.

Although his knee was injured (there were no fresh wounds, but obviously a leg injury that was trying to heal), Jack was able to walk around and seemed to get a bit better over the course of the week. He was interacting with all of us and loved being around all of us, including the children. He started sleeping on the front porch and we gave him water and food. (Can you see where this is going?)

Jeff and I were faced with a decision – take him to the SPCA or keep him. Of course, you can guess what the children wanted. We were concerned about the possible high cost of keeping him, not knowing what kinds of treatment he would need. In the end, Jack’s sweet nature and gentle loving spirit won us over and we decided to keep him. We felt that God had brought him to us to care for and it didn’t seem right to us to send him away. Laura told us today that 1-2 days before he showed up, she had been thinking that she wished she had a large black dog!

Jeff and Laura took Jack to the vet today and had him checked out. The vet said it looked like he was probably hit by a car about 3 months ago. His front and back legs on his right side were both broken and were trying to heal on their own. The front leg is doing fine, but the back leg was a worse break, and the bones are not lined up. It is calcifying around the break, which will hold the two pieces together. (I think I understood that.) It is too old an injury to set it. The main concern is that the infection in the leg not get worse. He is on an antibiotic for now and we will keep trying different ones until it clears up. If it never clears up and gets worse, they will have to amputate his leg. 😦 He is very healthy otherwise (other than his weight, which should improve as he gets regular meals), so he should be fine either way – he has already taught himself to run on 3 legs. The good news was that he tested negative for heartworm which would have been very costly to treat. He got all of his shots and dewormer, and came home.

Jack will be an outside dog (my stipulation – as I can’t handle another large animal in the house), which will be fine with him – he’s used to it. We went pricing dog runs and dog houses today, so we’ll be working on that this week.

We will also need to slowly acclamate our other dogs to Jack. So far we’ve kept them apart, but will probably start some “leash meetings” this week.

We don’t know why God brought Jack to us – an answer to our precious girl’s prayer? – but he’s here, and we look forward to building a loving relationship with him and the blessing he will be to our family for many years to come.



3 Responses

  1. Ahhh, another fellow animal lover who couldn’t resist a stray. I totally understand! He is really cute and looks like he has a great personality. Hope you all will have a great time together! Tell Jack Buddy says hello…(our border collie).
    P.S. James got the main computer working again. Yay!

  2. OH. Maggie would be all over this, she hopes to be a vet some day.

    What a wonderful gift for your family, which seems to continually grow larger and larger. 😉

  3. Oh, how sweet!!!!! I learned this week that you better be careful when a child starts praying!!!! I think some of these dogs are just angels unaware, for sure! So glad he found a loving home. . . . so many dont!


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