Six Weird Things On My Table

Mother Hen over at Ship Full O’ Pirates has tagged me for the new meme she has started. She obviously knows who she’s dealing with, because this meme has my name written all over it. The idea is to photograph six weird things that are on my table right now (hence the name) and to post them on my blog.

Well, it took me about 10 seconds to fulfill the photography end of the requirements. After reading Mother Hen’s post (and chuckling as I always do when I read her posts), I grabbed my camera and headed for the table. I knew it would be an easy mission, because I know what my table generally looks like each day. Sure enough, I was greeted with a plethora of possibilities. I took more pictures than these, but here are the six I decided to post –

One car seat that was taken out of Jeff’s car to make room for big people and needs to be returned to said car.

One new mop bucket that I bought last week, still awaiting it’s maiden voyage. There’s a new mop, too, but thankfully it’s not on the table.

One medieval dress owned by Sarah (she wore it last fall for our Reformation Day celebration at church)- freshly laundered and waiting to be hung up somewhere (?).

Guess who? Yep, that’s Baby Bop – Barney’s little friend. Barney toys are a staple around here.

Here we have one cream tab-top curtain panel. It lives upstairs in the linen closet. I don’t know why it isn’t in it’s home. I don’t know how it got down here on the table. I don’t know what someone has been doing with it. If I ask, I’m sure that noone in the house will know either.

Finally, we have a children’s game – not so weird – but look closely – do you notice that there are a few playing pieces missing from this game? And just where do you think those missing pieces are? They are scattered around the living room and I think I see one in the kitchen. Most, however, seem to have disappeared into that black hole in our house that holds all of the other missing items that we can never find. I have actually gotten to the point where I’m afraid to open a new game in this house, because I know that the pieces will start disappearing the minute I do.

So, there’s my weird list. I guess I should have taken a full shot of the table, as there were lots of other things there. For the record, there is a child assigned to clean this table off each day, so if you asked me again tomorrow, there might be six new weird things on the table. In fact, when I returned home from the grocery store, the table was almost clear of weird things. I was glad I’d already taken my pictures.

Okay, now, I’m supposed to tag some more people to play, so I tag Katy at The Country Blossom and Sue at Country Pleasures . Of course, anyone is welcome to play. Just let me know that you posted, so we can all go to your place and enjoy your pictures. Here are Mother Hen’s rules –

-Any table will do.
-Any number, descending order or not. (see Mother Hen’s post to see her’s in descending order)
-The things don’t even have to be weird, maybe unique, or maybe just out of place.
-Pictures please.
-No obvious set ups, unless it’s hilarious.
-Tag some folks and link back here.

Thank you, Mother Hen, for a fun meme!



3 Responses

  1. Oh Nancy, your house looks like a fun place. 😀

  2. […] need to dig it out before I can ask the charity shop to come and collect it! Maybe I’ll do my six weird things on my table on that before I tidy it off – there is certainly a weird combination of items on its many […]

  3. Hi, I know you’ll have a couple of pingbacks from my blog about this post. I read this when you originally did it and thought that it would be lots of fun to do, but it has taken me this long to get round to it! Thanks for inspiring me!

    I’ve posted it here ( , in case you delete pingbacks!

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