Doggy Wash Day

Today was doggy washing day. Around our house, Laura is the official dog washer. Whenever our noses tell us it’s time for one of them to be bathed, they all get a bath. She has devised a system that she uses to handle doggy washing day. First she rounds up all of the reluctant willing participants and leashes them to the four posts on our back patio, like this. . .

Do you see four dogs? The fourth one is way back there in the back – she’s little and she is still quite a bit intimidated by Jack, the black dog, and she doesn’t really like doggy washing day, so I think she is trying to hide behind the post.

Laura begins their spa treatment by hosing everyone down, so that they are nice and wet. This should be a very pleasant thing when it’s over 103 degrees outside, and some do enjoy it, but others don’t like it at all. Please allow me to introduce you to the VIP’s of the salon, these pictures taken after their initial wet down.

First we have Kiara, the collie-chow mix. She is Laura’s dog and normally lives inside, but loves going outside whenever she can and also loves being hosed down – wouldn’t you, with all that fur in this heat?

Next in line is Cookie, our black and white Shitzhu. Her nickname is “the clown” because she’s always making funny faces. She is pretty sweet and is totally devoted to her sister –

Jack, our new black lab, who showed up injured in our yard a month ago and proceeded to win our hearts. I’ll be posting an update on Jack soon. Jack did not like being hosed down, which was a surprise since he lives outdoors in the heat and loves getting wet in the pond –

And finally, we have Angel, our tan and white Shitzhu. She is Cookie’s sister, and the boss of the two. Her nickname is “the sneak” – which speaks for itself.

Step two in the Laura spa treatment plan is shampoo time. She moves down the line, assembly line fashion, shampooing each dog, which actually most of them enjoy – don’t we all?

Except maybe for Angel, who seems to be pleading, “Are we done yet?”

Ah, time for the final rinse –

About this time, standing out in the 100 degree heat, the photographer started dreaming of the cool refreshment of water also, as is evidenced by the camera’s irresistable pull to this sight –

In the name of keeping the clients happy while they await their turn, included in the price of this salon treatment is entertainment, provided in the form of dancing with the assistant, Anna –

“Can I go next?”

When all is said and done, there’s nothing better than a good shake after your bath –

Unless it’s a nice rest in the sun after being pampered and preened all afternoon –

Of course, their favorite part is when they’re all done and they finally get free of the leashes and can run around, shaking and wagging their tails, happy to be free and clean again – or at least, we’re happy they’re clean – I’m not sure that they care one bit!



2 Responses

  1. They are so cute! Both Rosemary and Jerry have shitzus. Rosemary’s is actually a Maltese/Shitzu mix, and she is cream colored. Jerry and Christy have a black and white one. We love them all.

  2. I loved this post! Your dogs are adorable. I am very impressed with how organized Doggy Wash Day is.

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