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My “American Girl”

Sarah spent the night at a friend’s house last night. This friend was having several girls over for an “American Girl” party, which included swimming, pizza, painting friendship squares in her new backyard clubhouse, and topping the night off watching an American Girl movie and sleeping over. All of the girls took their AG dolls, which sounded like a lot of fun.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some pictures that I took of Sarah and her American Girl doll a few weeks ago.

Sarah got her doll for Christmas last year. It is a “Just Like You” doll – meaning that the doll has the same features as Sarah. I think she really does look like her – blue eyes, brown hair and freckles! In this picture Sarah has her dressed in some of her old baby pajamas –

We also have the Samantha doll at our house – Laura got her for Christmas quite a few years ago. In case you’re not familiar with American Girl, it started with a collection of dolls, each from a different time period in history. The dolls each come with a story book about that doll and there are different period outfits and accessories that you can purchase to dress your doll in. The prices are higher than we can normally afford, but these are quality dolls, and we have splurged every now and then. There is also a baby doll available, who is so sweet and available in many different skin tones. Sarah got the baby doll back when Laura got Samantha, and she has been her favorite baby doll throughout the years. Here is a link to the American Girl site.

We have also really enjoyed all of the American Girl movies – they are good, wholesome movies set in different time periods, which has been educational for all of us.

Well, I didn’t mean for this to become a commercial! Here’s one last picture of my real life American Girl with her look-alike doll –



4 Responses

  1. never heard of the american doll before. But i can relate to the ocassional splurg for a child. i have two and sometime I go out for milk and happen to come home with a shirt or a toy for the kids. You can’t help it sometimes.

  2. We loved the American Girl dolls here, especially Kirsten because she was a blonde Swedish girl like Emma! One Easter I made Emma and her Kirsten matching dresses and bows. So, we have Kirsten and a lot of her things, and we bought Kit a few years ago. We have the violin and music/stand too, just like Emma plays.
    What fun! I love how Sarah and her “Just Like Me” doll look so much alike.

  3. Lovely post and I ‘m sure that she will look after the doll well. These dolls are great to play with and provide some historical education. AG also have books to help girls cope with growing up which are great for later. Thanks for the post.

  4. Hi mom! Thanks for the great post! I love you and thank you for the wonderful gift!

    Love, Your Daughter

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