Ohhhh, So Much Fun!

Yesterday I went to a Used Homeschool Curriculum sale. This is the first year that this has been held here, and the first one I’ve ever been to. It wasn’t huge, but as you will be able to see, I found plenty of treasures.

I found books for reading, language arts, history, science, art, music, government, cooking, geography and just plain old fun. I even found a book that tells us how to raise chickens (which we are thinking of doing in the near future). Some noteworthy items (of course, they’re all noteworthy to me, but I would hate to bore you by listing them all) are –

-A lovely copy of “Wind and the Willows”, which I will read aloud to the children this year.

-“A History of the United States and It’s People” (a reprinted book from 1888.)

-Gary DeMar’s “God and Government” volumes 1-3

-“Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers”

-A small set of reprinted “Dick and Jane” books (I have a number of the old original textbooks, but these will be nice to take along in the car with us – while the originals stay home in safety.)

-“Mrs. Katz and Tush” – to help complete my Five In A Row Collection.

-“Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons” – I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this that I just had to grab this copy at such a great price!

-An adorable set of early reading books from long ago, featuring classic stories like “The Little Red Hen”.

-A few “Seasonal” planning books (I don’t have to tell you how much I love these!)

-A set of neat storybooks that explain nouns, verbs and adjectives in story form – easy, natural learning.

-“Quiddler” – a fun card game where you make words out of the letter cards in your hand.

-A nice big cookbook called “Gifts From the Christmas Kitchen”, full of delicious recipes for breads, sweet treats and other such lovely things to bake and give away as gifts.

-Various American history storybooks and picturebooks, including colonial and pioneer periods (my favorites).

I know it seems like it, but I really didn’t list everything.

I didn’t set up to sell at this sale – I couldn’t stay for the whole time, and so decided just to shop this year, and maybe next year I will set up a table and actually earn some money to pay for all of the ones I buy. Probably not, but every little bit helps.

Oh, I just have to share one last treasured find –

These are a year’s subscription of “Animal Baby” put out by the National Wildlife Federation. They aren’t all in the picture because some of them have already been carried off by children to enjoy. I can’t wait to spend time snuggled on the couch with the littles reading these.

Anna went with me and we had some nice girl time together, which made the trip even more delightful. We started our outing with a drive-thru lunch at Chick-Fil-A, where we were generously showered in chicken strips (one of the perks of being Mom to two of their favorite employees), and ended up our trip with a chocolate ice cream cone for Anna and a lemon slush for Mom (not to mention the half-price slushes I carted home for the rest of the kids).

Sweet company, shopping for school books and delicious treats – yes, it was a very good day.



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