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Labor Day Cup

Yesterday we held our 2nd annual Labor Day Cup, and it was a really fun time! Wootsie and Grandad (my parents) joined us for the festivities and 8 of the children participated in the games. We started the Labor Day Cup last year and hope to keep it going for years – someday including grandchildren in the games. I apologize for the lovely smudge on all of these pictures – it seems that the last person to use the camera before the games (who shall remain nameless) put his/her little fingers on the lens and I didn’t realize it until I uploaded the pictures. I thought I noticed it while taking the pictures, but my brain isn’t any smarter and I kept wiping the display screen off – rather than the lens! But, back to the Cup –

The Labor Day Cup basically is a competition of teams involving races, games and sometimes silly sports culminating in one team winning the yearly trophy – the Labor Day Cup. Team members that win an event get to pick from a basket of candy – every time they win, they get another pick. This year we had 4 teams and 8 events. Let me introduce you to our teams –

Team Camo – Tommy and Sarah

Team Tony Hawk – Laura and Anna

Team Mario and Luigi – Ryan and Michael

Team Link and La La (don’t ask) – Matthew and David

Our first event was the Water Balloon Toss – each player tossed a water balloon to their team mate, trying to not drop it and break it. Each round we required them to take a step backwards, so they got farther and farther apart. The winners – Tommy and Sarah.

At this point the games were interrupted by two furry friends from across the street – no doubt eager to join our competition. We informed them that only human entrants were allowed and quickly escorted them back home.

Our next event was the “Jarts” competition. This game involves throwing giant darts at a ring on the ground. Whoever comes the closest to the center of the ring (or in our case, whoever came closest to the ring) wins. Our winners were – Tommy and Sarah again!

Here is a picture of our scoreboard after two events.

Event #3 was the Hockey Shot. Jeff drew a target on the driveway, and whoever shot the hockey puck closest to the target won the event for their team. This time the team of Matthew and David won.

Following the Hockey Shot was the Egg in Spoon race. I don’t know if you can see it very well in the picture, but each contestant held a spoon in their mouth, which held a raw egg in it. The object was to run (or walk fast) to the finish line without dropping your egg. Here they are lined up at the starting line. Notice David, whose egg is already laying on the ground.

It didn’t hurt him any, though, because look who crossed the finish line first – his teammate Matthew, clenching the win for the Link and La La team!

Here are the official standings at the half-way point of the games.

Starting off the second half was the ever popular Frisbee Throw, a retread from last year. I think you can guess how this one goes. Whoever throws the frisbee (or flying disc, in our case) the farthest wins the event. And this event was taken by the Tony Hawk team of Laura and Anna!

Our next event is sure to become one of our all-time favorites, as it was quite a hit today. It was the Water Balloon Launcher game. The Launcher is a giant sling-shot made just for flinging water balloons a great distance. We picked this up last spring at the Homeschool Bookfair from the Vision Forum booth. You can order one here. This proved to be such a hit that we kept flinging balloons after the winner (with the farthest fling) was determined and Jeff and I even had to take a turn. The official winner of the event was the team of Matthew and David (guess which one flung it the farthest).

Of course, you can’t have water balloons without someone getting wet, can you? Here’s Matthew after being hit with a balloon from his sister’s hand. Michael certainly got a kick out of it.

Are you keeping score? Here is where we stood after 6 events.

The team of Mario and Luigi were a little bit frustrated – after all, they were last year’s champions, and probably expected to repeat this year. I think their frustration may have worked well for them, though, as we will see in the last two events. Here’s another Water Balloon Launch picture, just because it was so much fun!

We headed inside for the 7th game, which was a welcome break for all in the 95 degree heat of the day. This event was the Oreo Stack, which obviously required the stacking of Oreos in a tower. The team with the tallest stack at the end of 3 minutes won. Can you see the concentration on their faces?

Oops, I just noticed – David’s not concentrating very hard.

The winner of this fun game was . . . Ryan and Michael (could you guess?) by one Oreo. They were quite pleased to finally be on the board, and everyone took this opportunity to have a nice tall drink (and a few Oreos, of course) before heading back outside for the final event.

Our last event of the day was also a retread from last year, but was so loved that we brought it back. It is the Mini-Car Race. Each team puts the younger member in a toy car and the older member behind, pushing them as fast as possible down the driveway to the finish line. We held two heats for this race and then one final race to determine the winners. And the winners were . . . Ryan and Michael again! I told you their frustration paid off.

It was now time to head back into the house and present the trophies to the winners. Here is the final score –

As you can see, the winners of the 2nd Annual Labor Day Cup were the team of Matthew and David!!!!

David wasn’t quite sure what to think about it, and wondered what the cup was actually good for, but Matthew was certainly proud.

After we rested up for a little bit, we ordered some pizza and enjoyed dinner together. After dinner, it was Funnel Cakes all around – a delicious treat to finish off our day.

This year’s Labor Day Cup was a great success – with lots of fun and laughter. Michael is already asking about next year and what games we will play then. We’ll just have to wait and see!

For now, it’s back to school planning and Fall decorating! Have you entered my Autumn Back-to-School Giveaway yet? The deadline is Friday night – click here to go and check it out.

Thanks for sharing our fun day with us!



4 Responses

  1. Looks like so much fun! What a great idea. We used to do some of those things when we still had all the kids at home (sniff sniff). I love the pictures of all the kids – especially David sneaking the Oreo and the egg on the ground! Visit my site – I actually posted pictures from home today. The only thing I still need to do is upgrade and make a prettier background for my Blog. It’s not really “me”, you know???

  2. Looks like a great time! What fun!

  3. That looks like so much fun! Especially the water balloons. Oh, and the Oreos of course. What great family time.

  4. What a fun way to spend with the family on the holiday! Looks like you all had a great time.

    Yummm….double stuffed Halloween Oreos. I haven’t had a double stuffed oreo in a long time. Big sigh.

    Love your blog…glad I found you from the Simple Woman Journal. Loved the Orange Rice!

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