A Little Bit of Nature Study

I was outside with the littles the other day and decided that it would be a good time to get in some nature study. Now, normally there is plenty of nature study going on with this group anyway – they are always exploring and investigating the nature they find outside – but I wanted to take it to a new level.

So, I carried out our nature box and journals and called them over. Anna’s journal is simply an elementary composition book with lines at the bottom of the sheets for writing and blank space at the top for drawing. David’s was a last minute snatch from my school supply cabinet – a wide-ruled spiral from my stash that I stocked up on back when they were 10 cents apiece this summer. He was thrilled! Michael’s journal is a teaching nature journal with lovely illustrations, nature teaching and plenty of room for recording his finds. Tommy, Sarah and I each have these too (yes, I couldn’t resist buying one for myself – it just drew me in and made me want to fill it up!). We started ours last year, but Michael wasn’t quite ready for it then. Now that he is, I bought him one so that he could join us in our lessons.

Anna ran around drawing everything she saw, and David followed suit – in his own 2 yr old way. Here are a few entries in Anna’s journal –

Michael and I worked on the Woodland Scavenger Hunt in his journal, which was really fun –

“Find something older than you are. . .

Find something that needs air. . .

Find something smaller than your thumb. . .”

-from “My Nature Journal” by Adrienne Olmstead

He had such fun finding all of the items in the book. The picture at the top of this post shows the page we were working on. Here he is recording an entry –

After awhile Anna and David got tired of running around and found a nice comfortable spot to rest and continue their drawing –

What a sweet sight –

The trampoline is a wonderful spot for nature study. If you roll over on your back, this is what you see –

Lovely for contemplating the majesty of God. At this point I decided to take a little stroll and snap a few pictures. Here is the path by the pond – one of my favorite spots to walk –

This is the pond itself. The water level is down to about half and it is covered in green algae. And no, that is not a fallen tree in the pond – it is actually growing sideways down into the pond! –

Back up by the house, here is the impromptu pumpkin patch that was planted one afternoon at the end of summer by Michael, Anna and David with some of my leftover seeds. The plants are doing rather nicely. I hope we actually get something from them before it freezes this year – it could happen, after all, this is Texas –

This vinca sits by the front porch and is very healthy and lovely –

Ah, and here we are back to my three happy nature hunters – or should I say two happy nature hunters – I think someone has had enough for now and is ready to head inside for a cool drink! –

This pretty much wrapped up the nature study session for the day, except for Anna, who decided to add a cat and a dog to her journal once we got inside. Oh, and then she added Spongebob – I guess a sea sponge does belong in a nature journal, don’t you think?



2 Responses

  1. What a fun day! There is no better way for children to learn than to emerse them in creation. Now you simply must get some chickens! They are so much fun and the eggs are a wonderful little added benefit.

    Wishing you joy,

  2. Oh Lea! We are planning on getting chickens as soon as we can get things set up for them! We are all pretty excited about it and I think having our own fresh eggs is going to be one of my favorite parts!

    So glad that you’re back online – I’ve missed you!


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