Back in My Day . . .

Back in my day, this would have been the arm of a fellow schoolmate who was preparing to ace a test – the wrong way! Now, I never prepared for a test this way, but I saw plenty of people who did around me in the schoolroom.

Fast forward 30 years. . . the arm in this picture belongs to my daughter, Laura, who is not preparing for a test, but, rather is teaching herself the Italian language. She came downstairs the other day and showed it to me – “Look, Mom, I’m learning all of the question words in Italian! I’ve written them on my arm, so that I will see them all day long.”

Ingenious, don’t you think? And it worked, too – she had been looking at them for so long, that she just about had them all learned.

Ah, the unconventional joys of homeschooling.



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