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When Peggy added this new feature to our Simple Woman’s Daybook list, it inspired me to take it a step further and make a category of posts whereby I can share some of what we are working on in our Homeschool.

This year starts our 14th year homeschooling our children. There are officially five children schooling this year, although Anna and David – not wanting to be left out – will be joining us for some of the fun.

Most of our schooling follows the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education – copywork, living books, short lessons, nature study and lots of free time to explore and think. I love to work in units of study with themes. This almost got me in trouble this year, as I realized at the last minute that my plan included about 7 different themes all going at the same time. I just can’t resist anything set up with themes, and each of them sounded so good – on their own – but, together – train wreck! I am so glad that the Lord showed me this before I actually attempted to do all of that!

My lesson plan is now much simplified, covering the basics of reading, writing, spelling and math – with only ONE unit or theme to study at a time. How much richer this will be for us, rather than splitting our learning up into so many directions.

Matthew is following a more traditional course plan, as he is finishing up to graduate this year, while Laura will be doing independent unit studies on topics of interest in addition to her basic subjects. Both of my high schoolers have foreign languages added to their lists, as well.

We all have daily Bible lessons and reading, and I am planning to keep a read-aloud going throughout the year. Nature studies will be on-going – weather permitting (and when it doesn’t, maybe we’ll study our resident indoor nature or the non-permitting weather!)

My units of study with the younger three children will alternate between book units in Five In A Row (these are rich in lessons for all ages) and unit studies of our own choosing, based on seasonal topics, holidays, historical events or whatever the Lord brings into our life.

Future posts will give you more of a look at some of the specific activities we are doing and the interesting things that we are learning about. Thanks for visiting!



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  1. Love your approach to schooling! I am so fond of Charlotte Mason and Colton just thrives under that approach. Luke is 14 and is entering a more traditional style but we still include him in our adventures often! Even our college student, Jase, takes time to join us in exploring and experimenting.


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