From the Learning Room. . .

We are wrapping up our first week of homeschooling around here. Overall it has been a good week, with everyone pretty much falling back into the routine we have come to be used to during formal schooling days.

Matthew and Laura have been mostly working independently all week (except for Spelling a few days and Math a couple of times). They are both writing out Scripture for Copywork – Matthew in Proverbs and Laura in Psalms. For reading, Matthew has begun “The Hobbit” and Laura is continuing her reading in “Treasure Island”. Laura is having fun researching Italy and learning the Italian language – she has put up signs all over her room with the names of everything in Italian. For items that she doesn’t have in her room (like “kitchen” and “motorcycle”!), she has drawn pictures and posted them on the wall. And you already know about her “arm” method of learning. Matthew has been learning about the skin in his human body study in Biology, as well as beginning his government studies in Civics.

(Photo from “Zoo Guide” by Answers in Genesis)

The younger three (or sometimes five) have been enjoying our unit on the book “Katy No-Pocket” from our Five In A Row curriculum. Some of our lessons have included: listing all of the animals in the book (we found 23!), learning about kangaroos (did you know that a kangaroo embryo will remain dormant until the previous joey moves out of the pouch, and then will continue to develop?), discussing habitats and what animals live in them (made charts), good character traits of several of the characters in the book, H. A. Rey as illustrator (he wrote the “Curious George” books), and making “Katy” aprons out of cardstock – complete with pockets and rubber stamped animals slipped inside –

Our Bible lesson for the week was kindness as a fruit of the Spirit, and we read many good examples of kindness in the Bible and discussed how we can show kindness in our lives. There are lots of opportunities for applying this lesson around here, and Anna has become our resident reminder – when something goes wrong, she can be heard to say “Remember kindness”. On Wednesday, the children colored a “fruit” of the Spirit picture – here are a few photos –

In addition to our FIAR studies, they were copying poetry, Scripture, and passages from their reading books for Copywork. Tommy is reading “Farmer Boy” – Sarah is reading “Josefina” (American Girl Book) – and Michael read “Robert the Rose Horse” this week. We had Spelling and Math going all week, too. Tommy (my Math lover) and Sarah worked so far ahead in Math that they were into next week’s assignments. I expect they’ll slow down a bit as things get a little more difficult.

You may have noticed that these children are not sitting at school desks, and most of the time, not even at the table. We have, over the years, found that our favorite spot to do our lessons is on Mom’s bed! We are more relaxed there and discussions just happen more naturally. I’ve tried working at the table (and we still do go there when doing messy projects, with glue, paint or such), but for the majority of our schoolwork, it’s sitting around in Mom’s room – Matthew and Laura coming and going (they do most of their work in their rooms).

You can read about our Nature Study afternoon here. Jeff will be spending some time this evening with the children teaching them all about hurricanes. With Hurricane Ike at our back door, getting ready to pay us a visit, this is a great time to study them.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek inside our learning room this week. Have a lovely weekend!



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  1. Wow…I’m nostalgic.

    We, more often than not, did school from Mom’s bed, too. Whatever works. Right?!

    Love you, Nancy! 😉

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