A Few Craft Projects

I have several different handwork projects going and thought I’d give you a peek –

This is my main sewing project of the moment. It is Michael’s Christmas stocking that I am cross-stitching. I have finished all of the cross-stitches, and am now working on the backstitching or outlining all over the stocking. As you might be able to tell, I am partially done with this, too. I really want to get it done this year for Christmas, as it has been an on-going project for a number of years now – I pick it up for awhile, and then ignore it for awhile. I need to finish it, as there are two more stockings waiting in the wings to be sewn for Anna and David.

Here is a quilt I am “working” on. I hesitate to call it that because I haven’t worked on it in months. But it is sitting on my dresser, staring at me, begging me to give it attention – and I really, really want to, but there always seems to be something else calling my name, as well. I have only completed one block. It is a block-of-the-month program through my local quilt store – I pick up a new block kit each month and am storing them up until I have time to work on it. It is called “Be Attitudes” by Nancy Halvorsen. It would probably go much faster if I used the sewing machine, but I am hand-stitching it, so it will take a bit longer.

Here is what the finished quilt should look like (someday) –

This is another quilt that I have going. I started it before I joined the block-of-the-month above. It is a Thimbleberries pattern called “Month by Month” by Lynette Jensen. There is a different block for each month of the year. I have completed January and February, and was working on March when I set it aside. If I remember correctly – someone got into my basket and decided to practice cutting on my almost completed March block, and I never got around to recutting fabric to redo the sections that were damaged. I do love this pattern, and look forward to picking it back up again soon.

The last one I have to show you is just a little tidbit that I started the other night at our monthly Keepers of the Faith meeting with the girls. Our lesson this month was on crochet, which I do not have any experience with. I tried to teach myself years ago and gave up, so I was glad to have the opportunity to try it again. I really don’t intend to make this one a new hobby, since I don’t have time for the ones I already have, but I really did enjoy working with the yarn – the colors are so beautiful – and so, I may pick it up from time to time and work a few rows. We’ll see.

That’s all for now – if I get myself off of this computer, I just might have some time to work on some of these projects! If I don’t show back up later – which I may, I have a delicious apple tart recipe to share – have a lovely weekend!



2 Responses

  1. OOOH! I love all of these! The stocking is going to be so nice! I love anything with snowmen on it, and your quilts will be gorgeous! Wish I could take some time and work on them with you. I have no projects really going right now, but need to sew some curtains soon. Maybe one day we can work on something together.

  2. Blogging has become my new addiction…ugh!

    Seeing your projects made me remember I need to finish Kellen’s afghan I started last year. So many other things I could be doing besides sitting here clicking the keys. sigh.

    Maybe I’m inspired…

    …that Be Attitudes book is adorable. What a fun project!

    Love you, Nancy!! 🙂

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