You’ve Heard About Teenage Boys and Their Appetites . . .

Well, I made Creamed Eggs for dinner on Sunday night. This is one of Matthew’s favorites. He doesn’t really eat all that much each day, but when I make one of his favorites, watch out. Matthew decided that a normal sized plate wouldn’t hold the amount that he was planning to eat, so he decided to use the platter that matches my dishes instead. Here is his plate next to mine –

He used 5 slices of toast for his! (The rest of us used 2.)

And here is the platter when he returned it to the kitchen –

I’d say he enjoyed it, and it lasted him a little while – until a few hours later, when he fixed himself bean burritos for a late night snack!



2 Responses

  1. Yup, I totally get the “teenage boy appetite” thing, but where is the recipe for Creamed Eggs?

  2. Hi Mother Hen!

    The recipe just went up – hope your pirates enjoy it! (and the rest of you, too!)

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