From the Learning Room . . .

Our Five in A Row book last week was “How to Bake an Apple Pie and See the World” by Marjorie Priceman. It was a fun book, in which a girl goes to the market to buy ingredients to make an apple pie. Finding the market closed, she packs a suitcase and heads off on a trip around the world, acquiring all of her ingredients from their various native locations.

We made Lapbooks to go along with what we were learning. This involved much cutting and pasting times five (Anna and I each made one, too). We didn’t finish them completely until yesterday, but we are all pleased with the results, and will definitely make more Lapbooks in the future.

Some of our activities for the week included:

-Tasting various types of apples and charting descriptions of each.

-Making collage apples out of red pictures cut out of magazines.

-Evaporating the water out of salt water, leaving salt alone, and discussing the water cycle.

-Mapping all of the locations visited in the book.

-Drawing street scenes.

-Discussing different modes of transportation presented in the book.

-Briefly learning about each location – England, Italy, France, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, and Vermont.

Of course, we included a number of apple dishes from the kitchen into our week. These included:

-Apple Tarts
-Apple Dumplings
-Apple Juice
-and finally, Apple Pies – a given, considering the book we were studying!

We read several other apple books during our apple unit – “Apple-Picking Time” by Michele Benoit Slawson and “Johnny Appleseed” by Reeve Lindbergh to name a few.

It was all lots of fun, but I think we’re ready to move onto other Harvest studies. Next week is Pumpkin Week around here – my mouth is already watering just thinking about all of the pumpkin goodies that will be coming out of the kitchen!



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