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Great Garage-“Sailing”

Last weekend’s garage sale was a success on both sides of the fence – coming and going.

First, the going. We are always happy if our garage sale brings in at least $100., and while we didn’t have a whole lot of traffic, we did hit that mark, making the sale worth all the trouble. We were left with a bit of “stuff”, but that has all left for it’s new home at Goodwill, so that is also considered a success – less stuff in the house and a little cash in the pocket. It was a lovely day for the sale, which made it pleasant, too. We set up our tables (thank you, family!) under some trees and it was a nice spot to spend the day.

Now, the coming. We actually managed to not bring as much “stuff” into the house as we had going out – which says alot when you are taking 7 children (and me!) to garage sales all around the neighborhood. All but the littlest children had to spend their own money, too, which helped them to think twice before plunking it down on junk.

I was disappointed to find out that my primitive-loving neighbor did not set up a sale this year. However, I did find some treasures at another neighbor’s sale, and at exceptional prices. First I came across two wonderful ladder back chairs, which turned out to be $10. for the pair! I didn’t have to think about that. I placed one on my front porch by the front door, which I love –

The other is sitting by the “fireplace”, which is really nice, too –

Here is my best and favorite treasure of the day -I had noticed a nice pine armoire entertainment center, but assumed it would be more than I had to spend. As an after thought, when paying for the chairs, I asked what the price was for it and was told $20. – yes, that was “twenty!” I have been wanting one for quite awhile for our bedroom, but hadn’t ever found one for the right price – well, this was definitely the right price! I paid my neighbor and told them I’d be right back with the van to pick it up. It is so pretty and is just exactly what I’ve been looking for! It will be housing the t.v. as well as some of my quilting projects and fabric. Here is a picture –

At this same sale I also picked up 9 of these pretty glasses for only $1.00 –

A little closer to home, my neighbor across the street had a few treasures for sale, also. I bought 4 of these pretty soup bowls and saucers for one dollar each. I can just picture French Onion Soup in them this winter –

I also found these two apple bakers. The blue sponging on them is beautiful –

We were all very exhausted at the end of the day, but were glad that it turned out so well. And we’ve even gotten the house back in shape from the weekend – just in time for the septic system to back up last night and put our bathrooms out of commission! The service man is supposedly on his way – I hope so – 9 people in a house with no flushing toilets is not a pleasant place to be. I guess we need these little reminders along the way, so that we don’t take our conveniences for granted. It’s working – I will really appreciate it when this one gets cleared up!



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  1. Ahhhh…am glad other people have been bitten by the yard sale bug. šŸ™‚

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