The Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ November 3

Good morning! Here is my Daybook entry for today ~

Outside my window. . .beautiful weather is calling us outdoors to play and explore with the squirrels. Michael has caught a frog, who is out on the front porch hopping around.
I am thinking. . .how nice November always feels! It may be the anticipation of the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons coming on, but I am always excited to see November arrive each year.
From the learning room. . .we will be spending some time outside this week talking about trees and leaves – observing, drawing, reading and writing about them. I hope to get a few leaf crafts in, too.
I am thankful for. . .my sweet daughter Anna, who turns 5 years old tomorrow!
From the kitchen. . .Oven Fried Chicken Nuggets, Rice, Tossed Salad, and Brownies for dessert.
I am wearing. . .Lavender polo shirt and denim capris.
I am creating. . .a layout and plan for my homemade Christmas cards – it’s about time to get started on them.
I am going. . .to get to that upstairs hall soon! . . . really I am! (maybe this should have been in the I’m hoping slot)
I am reading. . .my new Martha Stewart Cooking School that arrived in the mail last week.
I am hoping. . .for a productive week this week.
I am hearing. . .the new High School Musical 3 Cd playing in the living room, the sounds of children clapping and dancing with the music, a bird chirping outside my window.
Around the house. . .a number of bags of summer clothes from the children’s drawers, sorted by size, that I am filling up for their return trip to the attic; numerous projects that I just can’t seem to get around to as fast as I’d like to; many children who are way more important than projects.
One of my favorite things. . .decorating with berries – I use them year round, because they make me so happy just looking at them.
A few plans for the rest of the week. . .celebrating Anna’s birthday tomorrow, Bible Study, following the election returns via my computer (I early voted, so I don’t need to do it this week) and enjoying an outdoor Fall Festival in a nearby small town this weekend.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing. . .

One of my favorite spots in the world – my front porch – where I’ve been spending most of my afternoons lately!
To read more Daybook entries, please visit Peggy at The Simple Woman to find the list of participants in this week’s The Simple Woman’s Daybook, and enjoy this lovely early November day!



3 Responses

  1. I love the picture of your porch and fall decorations. Very Nice!


  2. LOL! I thought, how cool, someone else talks to the trees…but then reread and saw talking ABOUT trees. Shoot…now I’m the only crazy lady who talks to trees. At least I’m not like the log lady from Twin Peaks.

  3. I love your front porch the view looks gorgeous! I love November also! I am starting to get excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas. May God bless you today!

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